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What should those who will likely vote for President Obama do between now and when? I am personally watching the GOP nomination contest and thinking about voting in that primary for the candidate I could see in the White House.

Yes, yes, I know that conventional wisdom dictates that Obama supporters should be cheering for the zaniest Republican—someone the president will have an easier chance of beating in November 2012.  But, this situation isn’t a game and it’s no joke.  The economic future of the nation is in the balance and candidate Obama said that he should be fired if the country didn’t improve (I still hope it does and I would have hoped for the same thing if McCain was in White House.) 

If unemployment is over 9% and gas over $4.00 a gallon, my man might be  bounced and he understands that.  At that point, moderates could be saying that we should have paid more attention to the GOP field.

(I am on hold with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office to ask if I can pick the R or D ballot in the presidential primary…I think I can.)

In Georgia back in the day, some Republicans in Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s congressional district decided that voting in the Democratic primary was the only way to get her and her really liberal views out of congress.  Denise Majette was elected and while she was no conservative, she was more reasonable on Georgia issues than her predecessor.  Thanks to the Georgia GOP for that example and we should consider doing the same thing.  President Obama is such a good person that he would want the best person in the office if it isn’t him. 

On the other hand, that time and energy could be spent getting out the Democrat vote because a heavy turnout could win Georgia for Obama and we know several states that he won in 2008 need to be replaced.

(I am still on hold with the S of S’s office….must be furlough days.)


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We have all seen the Geico commercial where Charlie Daniels takes the violin from a strolling player in a fancy restaurant, rips some righteous fiddle licks and gives it back to the guy before saying, “That’s how you do it, son.”  I enjoy everyone on the violin from Daniels to the brother in Dave Matthews Band to Israeli-born Miri Ben-Ari, who puts it down over hip hop beats, to Novi Novog, the lady who played stings for The Time and Prince in the 80s.    

To me, there are different ways of doing things and it’s good to study other methods and approaches.  New Jersey’ Governor Chris Christie is one to watch because the big fellow is one conservative who is going to tell it like he see it – right or wrong – and let the chips fall where they may.  Baller style, that’s how you do it son.  I think candidates Obama and McCain were planning the same thing.  We remember the talk from both about reforming the system and walking away from the game on top like NFL great Jim Brown.  Of course, elected officials often find that easier said than done.

Governor Christie is hell-bend on reigning in state spending and bumping heads with key groups in the process.  The recent video clip of his confrontation with a teacher over pay and benefits was an instant classic.  The teacher said she was not being paid for her education and experience and Christie basically told her to work somewhere else.  Ouch.

Christie says NJ teachers are well-paid and have excellent benefits but they need to understand that average citizens have cut back in these rough economic times and governmental employees must do the same.  My mouth dropped when the teacher made her point because we “assumed” in the 80s that we would at least make enough money to paid for our educations.  Hell, I simply wanted to make my age and grow old.  The price of everything has skyrocketed but salaries are stuck in 1990.

Can a person walk away from a job offer with a salary of the same amount as that person made 20 years ago?  No.  Our parents always said people with bills should take any income source they can until hard times pass.  Guys with children should drop fries, wash windows or collect cans because those kids did not ask to be born.  The guy Joseph in the Bible told pharaoh to store away in times of fat in preparation for times of lean.

The now defunct cable channel Fine Living produced a show called Radical Sabbatical about rich people who decided to cash out on Wall Street do things like starting kayak businesses on lovely western rivers.  While that might be extreme, I admire my homeboys who made good money in production, the military or teaching and could retire to enjoy family by their early 50s or work less stress, giving back jobs.  In actuality, people spend money like money will always come in and the result is sometimes similar to NBA veterans who are penniless by forty.  That’s not how you do it, son. 

If the budget hawks approach matters like Christie, the average America could see their point.  Dave Matthews Band, Miri Ben-Ari and Novi Novog fused hop hip and rock with strings and the results introduced everyone to something new; Novog on Time’s Chili Sauce was brilliant.  The same thing must happen in Washington with spending because something has to give. 

People on the outside think something has got to give with the education system because teachers are making good money but Johnny can’t read.  Of course, the teachers will tell you that we went to school reading back in the day and the family should do more to prepare little Johnny to sit his blank down in class and focus.  I still like the programs that bring military veterans into teaching because some kids need a little guidance.  That’s how you do it, son.

Christie and the Teacher video



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In his reelection bid, Senator John McCain doesn’t deserve opposition from former Congressman J.D. Hayworth.  J.D. is good people and constantly spoke to staff on the Hill; I think he thought I was a former football player like him.  But, the Ultra-conservatives’ challenges to anyone who dares dialog is with the other party puzzles me.

During the presidential campaign, the Obama vs.McCain suited me fine because both would have been good presidents.  If someone from the other party is to lead, I hope it is someone decent.  The same can be said about congressional races.  We must admit that the vocal Tea Party Movement is very “vocal” but whatever happened to the “science” in political science.  They loved to ask members of congress about the number of phone calls they have received and the amount of protest.  But, do those numbers accurately reflect the opinions of the average voter or average citizen? 

In the rainforest in southern Costa Rica, howler monkeys make a huge roar as a defense mechanism; you would think they are the size of King Kong.  These monkeys are actually smaller than my leg but I can’t knock them doing what they need to do to survive.  They same can’t be said about vocal protesters on both ends of the political spectrum.  I can’t go into the local post office or McDonalds without hearing people say that all they see on T.V. is political this or that.  These people only watch one channel or listen to one type radio pundit so they are correct.  People who only watch MSNBC can say the same thing.

It is my understanding that Fox News C.E.O. Rogers Ailes admits that his job is to drive viewership (and therefore revenue) rather than objectively informing the public like traditional journalists.  He is doing a great job.

In summary, my conservative friends are correct in stating that “what you hear” is a strong criticism of the administration and congressional Democrats.  What you don’t hear is the quiet majority who tend to speak in the polling places.  November will tell whom the majority trust more or dislikes less but real radicals/activists seldom take over without the middle’s support.  The same middle that far right people are busy alienating.  

I said it before: if the Right produced congressional candidates like McCain, they might win a large number of seats.  But, their primary process yields candidates who scare people like howler monkeys during the general election.    

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REPoVfN-Ij4  Howler Monkeys


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The Blue Dogs are sitting pretty these days despite the heat from the summer protests because certain elements are pulling the Right too far right.  The success of the Tea Parties could produce a third party movement rather than new numbers for the GOP. We in the center would be more inclined to stick with the Blue Dog Democrats because a movement head by the right-wing talk machine would not be a comfortable place for us.

Senator Graham’s recent comments on the political climate and Senator McCain’s moderate candidates support is “right” on time.  That’s how genteel senators carry themselves when properly opposing a former colleague in the White House. To be honest, the same can be said about Georgia Senator Isakson but don’t let that get out—he is up for reelection and must secure the “pea-nutty” part of his Georgia base.   

The political plot thickens because there are a few African American women in Georgia who would make excellent GOP members of Congress in the right situation and political climate.  Will Graham and McCain commandeering the climate controls?  Time will tell but most on the Right like it hot.     

McCain article


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Coach Art Shell

Coach Art Shell

Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal Constitution has reported that Rep. Leonard Boswell of Iowa said that President Obama is prepared to be a one-term president to pass health care reform and his energy plan.  Wait a second…that sounds familiar.  I have been saying the same thing on this blog for a year.  Because I am from a rural area, I have a country ability to read people that they don’t teach in MBA programs. 

The president has the same look in his eye that Art Shell had when he because the first Black N.F.L. head coach.  Shell got the Raiders when that great team was down and Obama became president of this great nation during a rough period.  In press conferences, the media would ask Shell play-calling questions other head coaches received infrequently and he would say, “coach’s decision….coach’s decision” and we knew what he really wanted to say: “I have never seen a head coach scrutinized like this.”  My friend Butch was famous for telling mall customer service people “waterboy..waterboy, bring me the bucket..if you didn’t want the job..you shouldn’t have took it.”  Of course, I am not calling the American president or Coach Shell a “boy;” I am just saying they both look like “I don’t need this aggravation when I am clearly better than many of my predecessors and I am doing the job I was hired to do.”

On June 5, 2008, Senators Obama and Clinton had a private meeting at the home of Senator Feinstein and I told every political junkie I know that my gut told me that a deal was made.  The deal would be that Obama would push the reforms he felt necessary to help America and if the nation was not pleased with his service, he would not run again..clearing the way for Clinton in 2012.  We should remember that Senator McCain also considered running as a reform-minded one-termer.  If I was president and the nation seemed unhappy with my performance, I wouldn’t give a long face speech like LBJ.  I would just tell them “you can have this…I’ m out…peace.” 

Of course, this topic is moot because the “change” initiatives will hopefully work.  


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Once and for all: the affection and connections that Republicans have for the GOP is not the same feelings most Democrats have for the DNC.  It just isn’t.  Other than teachers and union members, people who voted for Democrats in the South (outside of urban areas) are not diehard party faithfuls.  The GOP subculture is deeper because it is based on implementing the principles of their faith into governmental action for social and moral improvement.  


Of course, I am not “going down that road” or “touching that with a ten foot pole” but I will say that if Americans lived the way good people should, our nation would be better.  The delicate matter is that government in our system can’t force people to live “right.”  Maybe we need a constitutional amendment on “acting like you have the good sense the good Lord gave a cat.”


For many southerners, the GOP is more than a political party.  Like the Bulldog Nation and Gator Nation, the GOP is a subculture of like-minded people who do business together, attend church together, and often date and marry.  It’s a comprehensive way of life.  Did you see the eyes of the people at the RNC Convention—that is not just enthusiasm.  We are taking about a good vs. evil battle fervor.  Of course, we Democrats must be the anti-Christ or something.   (Actually, the DNC convention was a little like that also; but that was about one outstanding dude rather than a party. A smooth GOP moderate move could be “Obama is exceptional but the jury is still out on the rest of them.) 


Why are my GOP friends telling me they are surprised President-elect Obama doesn’t hate them.  Newsflash: Barrack Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are not “hating all the time” kind of people and if your moral compass did not pickup on that fact something is wrong with you.


If I had to call it, I would say that someone is catching negative vibes from talk radio and talk T.V.—on the far right and far left.  Bottom line: if you take the time to interact with a variety of people, you might learn that your subculture and my subculture both want a better America—keep you filters on because negative cats (haters) will always pit groups against each others because that is what haters do. 


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That blank blank guy who tried to hit President Bush with his shoes struck a nerve with me for a reason that seems to be escaping everyone else: the second shoe hit the American flag. 


If I were the American president (use your imagination) and knew our flag was behind me, I would have caught the shoe or taken one for the team—that is the patriotic thing to do.  That brave act might impress Tamron Hall of MSNBC and formerly of Fox News to answer “my” call at 3 a.m.  “Yes Secret Service, if Ms. Hall phones…wake me…it’s an issue of vital national importance…this White House needs a first lady sooner rather than later.”


All kidding aside, I deplore this fellow disrespecting the office of the President.  Yes, Bush allow his advisors to push him into an ill-advised entanglement in the Iraq, but I always gave him a certain amount of respect—an amount that reasonable Americans who supported McCain should afford President-Elect Obama. 


For some reason, I would welcome Bush on a cross-country road trip because he seems like cool people.  Rolling with Barrack Obama would be rough because I could not sleep in the backseat with the radiance from his halo in my eyes.  You know what else is radiant: Tamron Hall.

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We created Project Logic Ga (P.L.Ga) during the 2008 election season as a blog for African Americans to discuss political and policy issues in an effort to foster political diversity for our community.


P.L.Ga evolved into a meeting place for anyone (regardless of race) to debate and interact on these matters.  In short, the topics were unique and new to people in Georgia and the South with an interest in hearing and learning what is on Black moderates’ minds. 


Government functions better when leaders and policymakers take the time of become familiar with the whole community—not just their “base”- because our system of government is design for all voices to be heard.  Americans are impressed with leaders who know all sides of the issues and recognize that every group has many sub-groups. 


Our focus has been pushing the fact that African-Americans in the South are more moderate and conservative than the nation might think.


P.L.Ga will spend the next year posting only one or two new post a week.  Our aim is gradually discussing federal, state and local matters so our readers will develop a deep knowledge and insight over time.  Also, the range of topics might seem unrelated to public policy at times but the goal is to address indirect and direct concerns and solutions.


We have a new administration in the White House; our nation is in a period of transition. An African-America President with mid-western roots will have plenty to say to every community about choices, decisions and consequences.  Contributors on this blog will analysis his actions with the same fair, constructive approach we have given previous presidents and congresses. 


The ultimate goal for reasonable Americans is a better America.  It is not the government’s role to fix every problem in everyone’s’ lives.  Good Americans always want the country to function soundly and those who hope for failure of any leaders so their party can make political gains are misguided. 


When the current President Bush was Governor of Texas, he operated with a consensus-building technique that should have been the model for his federal administration—I don’t know what happen.  Clearly, President-elect Obama is trying to “bridge the divide” and this blog will support him as we would have supported President McCain’s efforts to do the same.  Yes, some people have unrealistic anticipation and some campaign ideas won’t pan out but know this: this new young president is a respectful listener and the country wants more of that. 


Readers of this blog will gain a better understand of the southern African American community so future debates and dialog will be based on facts and reason rather than hastily conceived misinformation.   The core principles of conservatism are needed in every community on some level; the presentation and political techniques current employed my some could use improvement. 


If you want to function in the southern political arena which includes our community, reading this blog could be beneficial to your research efforts and growth—get prepared because talking nonsense makes our great region appear backwards and justifies economic opportunities going elsewhere.   “Moving the company or plant south would be sunny and affordable, but what we see on T.V. makes us question the traditional divisions there and the social livability.”


In the future, I will work on brevity—first New Year’s resolution. 

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Rants, raves, predictions, contradictions, finger pointing, circular firing squad, kudos. 


Remember the Music Tab at the top of the page…for your little celebration at your desk at lunch and while watching the numbers roll in tonight…of course, the Blues is there if needed.   

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Anyone familiar with the Black conservative efforts nationally knows Don Scoggins of Maryland.  Mr. Scoggins is about as GOP as you can get; but, I received the following today.  Hats off to Don for putting country over party by voting for Obama/Biden and I hope that a better GOP mergers from this election process.     




Obama Saves the GOP


Without question next week American voters will participate in the undisputed most historic presidential election ever.


Unfortunately – though it should be no surprise – because one candidate is black and the other white race not political ideology, has become the predominant theme and sorry to say the unavoidable bugaboo of this election.


Discounting skin color and politics, factors most people consider worthy attributes for White House aspirants are personal character, superb communication skills, intellectual prowess, mental acuity, serene of temperament, ability to lead and presidential bearing.  


Acknowledging these perilous times facing our country today the person elected the next president should also embody an ability to inspire people, encouraging them to do for themselves what this nation cannot and must not do for them.


Many folks come up to me asking who I will support this year given my over forty years of staunch GOP activism, conservative leanings and the fact of being black. Candidly I became very apathetic towards this election after my initial preferences, Fred Thompson and then Mike Huckabee failed to win the Republican Party nomination.


Always active during presidential elections and wanting some how to make a difference this year I began to wonder who could best lead this nation and also help restore the GOP to its once enviable reputation as a world class political party. To arrive at some kind of decision required some major thinking outside the box or better yet, building a box.  


Great credit should be accorded Senator John McCain and his fellow Vietnam prisoners of war three decades ago, however after considering many years of public life with an inconsistent record of racial inclusiveness and weak GOP credentials Senator John McCain at this time is not the person our country needs leading it. Voting third party or for a liberal was out of the question.


After much soul searching and conceding not agreeing totally with his political views I concluded Senator Barack Obama is the person most fitting to lead the U. S. and reinvigorate the GOP.


Just as happened during the twelve years of Reagan/Bush out of the White House the Democratic Party came back very united and wiser. One day the GOP will rebound too, more inclusive, united, and principled – steadfast adhering to its much heralded founding precepts.   


My decision also honors others no longer with us – black and white who gave their lives advocating for civil rights at home, preserving opportunities for those who apply themselves regardless of familial status, race, color or creed.


Who else this election year has so captured the nation bringing millions of new voters into the political process? No one else has.  


I have nothing to lose and everything to gain differing with my beloved Republican Party.



Don Scoggins, Prince William County resident, local and national Republican Party activist.

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Senator McCain took the microphone from that older lady and said, “No madam, no madam, he is a decent family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign is all about.”  At that point, I knew that we should be gracious to him during the rest of this campaign because he could be a GOP voice of civility in the Senate to the Obama White House.  (Here come the emails.)


The contributors to this blog started discussing who would be the same GOP voice in the House.  That’s when I wrote about ‘Republican Rhetoric Dialers Needed” and urged our community to consider supporting GOP candidates who would vote their party line but stand up in their conference meetings and insist that opposition stayed on policy without resorting to dirty behavior and clearly incendiary untruths.  In the short time since that posting, we have seen that talk radio muck could push zealots to try some real ugliness.


Could Georgia congressional Deborah Honeycutt be that GOP voice.


First, her opponent David Scott is a Blue Dog Democrat and a welcomed African American moderate—member of the House Agriculture Committee who worked on the bipartisan Farm Bill and a member of the Financial Services Committee who must monitor those Bailout billions.


Should we be concerned that the congress doesn’t have one GOP African American?  Senator Obama keeps saying “and some Republicans” but he has endorsed Scott.


Former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough on MSNBC said that the large number of small donors who have given to the Obama campaign must be making the K-Street lobbyists sick—if the people give the money directly, the lobbyists are pushed out of the loop and away from the leaders’ ears.


Do the tons of money Honeycutt raised make her Obama, Jr, or Baby Barrack?   For those who question how she did it, that’s easy to see: she is a African American pro-life physician.  A Black doctor saying that abortion is wrong from the medical and moral standpoint.  Those who agree with her must dream about propelling her onto the national stage in an effort to end the taking of innocent lives.  (Here come more emails)


There’s the question: would Deborah Honeycutt in congress actually help the Obama White House if she could reduced the vitriol? 


She is an Alpha Kappa Alpha who was medical director at Spelman College—the sister is starting to seem Obama-like. 


Personally, I can’t call it because my first deference is to Scott for his Farm Bill work. 

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Never would have made it

I could be out of line for writing this but remember all of the leaders in your prayers.  And remember that Senator McCain will still be in the Senate where he has a well-earned reputation for “change” and reform.  If he doesn’t win the presidency, a GOP maverick would so significant to improving Washington.  

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You be the judge: is this email cute humor, useful information or somewhat offensive.

November 5th Etiquette


After watching the final debate, it dawned on me that Obama could actually win this thing.  If that happens, there will be a lot of people (some of our co-workers included) who will be afraid that an Obama presidency will usher in the end of days.  They’ll be watching us on November 5th (the day after the election) for signs of the end of times.


To keep the peace and keep a lot of folks from getting nervous, I think we should develop a list of acceptable celebrations and behaviors we should probably avoid- at least for the first few days.


  1. No crying, hugging or shouting “Thank you Lord” – at least not in public.
  2. No high-fives- at least not unless the area is clear and there are no witnesses.
  3. No laughing at the McCain/Palin supporters.
  4. No calling in sick on November 5th.  They’ll get nervous if too many of us don’t show up.
  5. We’re allowed to give each other knowing winks or nods in passing.  Just try to keep from grinning too hard.
  6. No singing loudly, “We’ve come this Far By Faith” (it will be acceptable to hum softly)
  7. No bringing of Bar-b-Que ribs or fried chicken for lunch in the company lunchroom for at least a week (no chitterlings at all) (this may make us seem to ethnic)
  8. No leaving kool-aid packages at the water fountain (this might be a sign that poor folks might be getting a break through)
  9. No Cupid Shuffle during breaks (this could indicate a little to much excitement)
  10. Please no “Moving on Up” music (we are going to try to remain humble)
  11. No doing the George Jefferson dance (unless you’re in your office with the door closed)
  12. Please try not to yell — BOOOO YAH!
  13. Just in case your’re wondering, Doing the Running Man, cabbage patch, or a backhand spring on the highway is 100% okay.


If I’ve missed anything feel free to add to the list.  I just want to make sure we’re all in the same page when Obama brings this thing home on November 5th.


Now go get your early vote on and let’s make this thing happen!!!     

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As we enter the final phase of this political season, we calculate what decisions and strategies would best serve the African American community.  Six months from now, will we says “I wish we would have done this or that differently.”  I don’t play checkers; I play chess—always thinking three or four moves ahead. 


When a new president is sworn into office on the West Portico of the U.S. Capitol, he or she is the president.  Period.  Anyone who plays with the notion that the president is not the president is playing with un-American activities on some level.  On January 20, 2001, George W. Bush became my president.  Period.  On the day that White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer announced “the liberation of the Iraqi people has begun,” I walked out of a pub in Vilnius, Lithuania, and some college kids walked up to my buddy Brad and me saying, “Bush bla bla, invade bla bla, America wrong bla bla.”   Since the dollar was strong back then and so were we, I told them “Slow your roll, we can discuss it over a few pints on me but I can’t let you slam America and our president.”  (Of  course, their broke behinds jumped at free brew.)


A new president will be sworn in January and I hope Senator McCain or Senator Obama will face fair opposition from the losing side because ultimately we are all Americans.  Bitter extremists from the losing side will dial up conspiracy rumors and untruths design to undermined the efforts of the new leadership—disagree on policy, spending and direction but consider the negative consequences of being ugly just to be ugly.  As a moderate Democrat, I will give President McCain the same consideration I gave every president during my adult life.  If Obama wins, will my Republican friends do the same?


Obama supporters should help him by gaining a little leverage with congressional Republicans.  Congressional Republicans will vote with their party over 95% of the time—that is understood; but can we order up a few GOP members who will stand up in their conference meetings and say, “Let’s dial down the rhetoric and beat the Democrats on the issues—we should be above dirty tricks and innuendoes.” 


Forget about party politics for a second; the average American thinks our current problems could have been avoided or reduced by better Washington deliberations and communication.  At this late hour, African Americans voters could decide the fate of many GOP congressional candidates.  To me, a Republican who dials down the rhetoric while voting his core conservative beliefs is more important than some Obama coattail-riding Democrats are. (hint, hint Macon, Georgia)     

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I thought that headline would get your attention. And I’m sure it did. Of course, I want you to vote for a candidate for the office of President of the United States. But I wonder. I just wonder how many of you know of anyone else’s name and/or seat that is on the ballot this year. Gotcha’. A vote for the President is not going to impact you as much as voting for a local or state seat. Or even Congress for that matter. We’re focusing so much on the Presidency, that I have a feeling many people will go to the polls and vote for the first item on the ballot (President) and then leave. And that’s a shame. Why don’t you check with your local Board of Elections and get a sample ballot. You might be surprised to see there are Congressional races, local county and/or city commission races, U.S. House of Representatives, Judge seats, Sheriff, or even Board of Education.

Let’s take the time to focus on the races that really matter. These are folks you might see at your local grocery store, a community event, a local high school football game or even your place of worship. 

These are individuals who have made a commitment to serve in a public office, and they deserve your respect AND your vote.

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Family Tradition..Really

What in the world is up with the McCain-Palin handlers; is anyone giving logical consideration to campaign songs?  The senator should have called me to pull a “Zell” for him and watch his back.  I see Hank Williams Jr. doing a McCain-Palin song to the tune of “Family Tradition ” (no comment) and I wonder if the Palins aren’t urban cowboys because anyone who has ever had a PBR at City Limit Bar in Tifton or Charlie B’s in Albany knows that the lyrics of Bocephus’s original tune glorifies alcoholism and substance abuse, and could turn off some conservatives.  For the record, I love that song and PBR is Pabst Blue Ribbon. 


Not to be out done, Obama-Biden will be coming out with “Vote Me, Baby” by Bell, Biv, DeVoe from battleground state Pennsylvania or “I love this Bar…Exam.”


Finally, thank you Hank Williams Sr. for “Hey Good Looking” which was my daddy’s favorite.  



Family Tradition                  Hank Williams Jr. 

So don’t ask me Hank
why do you drink?
(Hank) why do you roll smoke?
Why must you live out the songs you wrote?
Stop and think it over
Try and put yourself in my unique position
If I get stoned and sing all night long
It’s a family tradition!



UPDATE: There is a comment on fathers and memories so a little good grew out of this post. It is classic Pavlovian conditioning because when I heard that Hank Sr. song or smell Swisher Sweet cigars, I take the trash out..lol  Like Daddy just came home from work, better get the chores done. 


My daddy never missed voting (after he was allow to vote) so Pookie and Ray-Ray better vote for McCain, Obama, Barr or someone…up and down the ballot.  Anyway, here’s my father’s other favorite tune.  What was your father’s or mother’s song.




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The African American community has a long history of putting all of our eggs in one basket and waking up the day after the election to broken eggs.  This blog is the net extension of our desire to provide sage political strategies at pivotal times to maximize our clout and capital.  Senator Obama keeps saying that things need to be address with a scalpel not a hatchet; Senator McCain says that we should put “country first.”  Down there in Georgia, we should put “kountry first” by making a surgical analysis of our region’s best interest.   The following points need discussion and consideration.


Let’s diversify our political portfolios to cultivate opportunities in both major parties.  Like Wall Street, we must invest in a range of enterprises so a political downturn in one sector does not leave us powerless and seeking a bailout.  Also like Wall Street, buying political stock during low periods could prove beneficial in the long run—I will take a few shares of General Motors at $4 and a few political investments in better Republican candidates with the knowledge that their national woes have not reduced their Georgia power (pun intended).  Good Cross-party Buys: Saxby Chambliss, Sanford Bishop, Paul Broun, Jack Kingston, David Scott, Rick Goddard. 


Tip: Take a loss on Jim Marshall stock. The Macon Democrat had every opportunity to boldly endorse Obama or McCain.  For some inexplicable reason, he thought he could sit out this historic presidential election.  Open message to Rep. Marshall: your job as congressman is to study the policy proposals of both parties and report to the people what will and won’t work in your opinion; you should be commenting constantly.  This weekend was the last straw.  The incendiary rhetoric on the campaign trail reached a level that might have provoked the sickest minds to contemplating something tragic.  Senator McCain dialed the rhetoric down and Congressman Lewis attempted to do the same but conservative Jim Marshall said or did nothing.  His rural and urban status could have been used for the better good but no. 


McCain Democrats, Obama Republicans, interesting times.  Why are we saying vote vote vote like there is only one contest on the ballot?  I have an idea: If you are an Obama supporter in a Republican congressional district, consider the GOP candidate if he is a decent guy just to mess with the “assumptions” about our voting patterns. If Obama wins, your area has influence with the GOP congressman because you helped him during the rough election of 2008; ask him to be fair with the new administration.  If McCain wins, you have a rare GOP congressman swayed into office by a surprising percentage of the African American vote.


Let’s not find ourselves saying “shoulda, coulda, woulda” in December.  I personally think we could look for African American opportunities to support less offensive congressmen and congresswomen in both parties.  And GOP voters in districts like Sanford Bishop’s should acknowledge his efforts to seek bipartisan cooperation.  Who would Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue select to replace Bishop if Obama picks him for his cabinet?  Imagine the “Georgia power” of Agriculture Secretary Bishop, Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Committee Saxby Chambliss and Secretary of State Sam Nunn.  The renewable energy provisions in the Farm Bill were design to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Come to think about it, McCain or Obama could make Rep. Jim Marshall Ag Secretary to show no hard feelings—what a year.

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Thanks Senator McCain

My mother is reluctant about voting for Senator Obama because she is concerned that if he is elected something will happen to him.  Mrs. Alma Powell talked General Colin Powell out of walking into the presidency from either party out of the same concern.


Thank you, Senator John McCain for honorably taking the high road today by telling the truth about Senator Obama.  I have always said that this contest was between good and really good—a win, win race for a moderate like me.  You proved me right.


I was also right in wishing that the African American community would support Republicans like Ray LaHood for what is now obvious reasons.  (see the article below)  As for as Georgia is concerned, I will support in this blog and publicly any congressional GOP candidate who wants to debate the issues rather than push fear.   Remember that Dr. Condoleezza Rice knows too well where this ugliness might be heading.  


I remember the bombing of that Sunday School at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963. I did not see it happen, but I heard it happen, and I felt it happen, just a few blocks away at my father’s church. It is a sound that I will never forget, that will forever reverberate in my ears. That bomb took the lives of four young girls, including my friend and playmate, Denise McNair. The crime was calculated to suck the hope out of young lives, bury their aspirations. But those fears were not propelled forward, those terrorists failed.[193]

Condoleezza Rice, Commencement 2004, Vanderbilt University, May 13, 2004


LaHood: Palin Should Stop It

Steve Miller, WBBM NewsRadio 780 Reporting

CHICAGO — A seven-term Republican Congressman from Illinois is taking issue with fellow Republican Sarah Palin, saying some of the vice presidential candidate’s rallies “don’t befit the office she’s running for.”

Republican Congressman Ray LaHood represents the 18th District: central and western Illinois, including Peoria.  He’s retiring in January.

LaHood supports the McCain ticket, but doesn’t like what he sees at some of the McCain-Palin rallies: When Barack Obama’s name has been mentioned by Sarah Palin, there are shouts of “terrorist,” and LaHood says Palin should put a stop to it.

“Look it.  This doesn’t befit the office that she’s running for.  And frankly, people don’t like it.”

Congressman LaHood says it could backfire on the Republican ticket.

He says the names that Obama is being called,  “Certainly don’t reflect the character of the man.”

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Georgia Debate Drama

There is a big debate in Perry tonight at the Georgia State Fairgrounds.  Senator Saxby Chambliss v. Democrat Jim Martin, and Congressman Jim Marshall v. General Rick Goddard.  I can’t make it because I will be watching Survivor Africa, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, ER and CSI Las Vegas.


But then again, the event in Perry will produce the same drama.  Jim Marshall faces Survivor because he is trying to outwit and outlast his other opponent, Obama supporters. Can he get those polls closed on election day before they/we discover that his “Democrat” Immunity Idol is actually fake—“Jim, the tribe has spoken, time for you to go.”


Like Warwick on CSI, is Jim Martin’s senate bid likely dead because Georgia is to conservative for him; can Vernon Jones give him an ER trauma rescue or is Jones upset that the Democrat Party treated him like Ugly Betty for voting for President Bush. Why can Jim Martin vote for John Edwards and Jim Marshall support Bush policies that McCain admits were questionable and the Democrats run behind them like Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy but Vernon Jones got shamed for being bipartisan? 


The CSI team could use all available technology and still would not discover a nanometer of support that Jim Marshall gave the Obama/Biden ticket—exile island awaits you, Congressman Marshall, because you did not perform in the challenges and flirted the rival tribe, you don’t deserve the reward.

UPDATE: Here’s the video of the Goodard v. Marshall debate

Political Forums at The Fair | 13wmaz.com | 13WMAZ



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Sowing the Seeds

Two wars, Wall Street failing, gas as high as a kite, economy on life support and someone wants to talk about Charles Keating and William Ayers.  My birthday was the day after Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner were killed in Mississippi by domestic terrorists in 1964.  For most of my southern childhood, the possibility of terrorists with hoods and/or badges loomed as we slept.  Folks would say after 911 that their children are not safe in their own beds in America and African Americans would think, “join the club.”  It is interesting that the new domestic terrorists in our community looks like us and desperately needed a belt on their backside from their parents growing up and need belts on their pants now.


As for Senator McCain’s history with Charles Keating, those claims don’t pass the smell test either.  Every congressman has helped someone who turned out to be shady.  Let’s measure the integrity of Georgia’s congressmen and candidates by monitoring who stays on substantive issues and who “totes” water for their team by pushing these distracting talking points.  We should reward character with our support.


Clearly, sowing the seeds of love improves our nation rather than the politics of fear.  We should export agricultural technology and practices that teaches developing nations to feed themselves and produce renewable energy—you get more people with honey.  Planting negative thoughts in voters should limited because you reap what you sow. 

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