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We will work together as brothers or perish as fools.  Lawd, I evidently have a wide array of friends and this election season has created a civil war on my facebook page.  As Rodney King famously said, “Can’t we all just get along.”  Hell nawl  .

This country was built on a shaky foundation—stolen from the Natives, stolen labor from Africa, women were second class citizens.  At some point, there would be a correction or reconciliation.  Of course, those who benefited would be reluctant to change.

Donald P. Trump didn’t create the current climate.  Hell, Trump is a professional personality—more P.T. Barnum than anything.  The guy is an opportunist who recognized the anger of a certain part of the population…a part of the population that really has nothing to do with him.

I appreciate Donald Trump for saying out loud what others are thinking.  Basically, they want their country back—the country they stole fair and square.  The country that affords certain privileges based on skin color.  (Oh, don’t act like African Americans didn’t do the same thing inside our race…running behind redbones, so-called good hair etc….cast the first stone, my brother.)

Malcolm X often taught that progress starts with putting your true feelings on the table—even if you are considered wrong by others.  If he was with us today, he would hate Trump’s views of Islam but appreciate him saying what was really in his twisted head.

To me, the biggest supporter of Hillary Clinton for president is Donald Trump with a properly functioning microphone.  Mr. Trump, please continue to speak your mind.  If Trump becomes president, those who Democrats seek to help deserve whatever the blank happens to them because they didn’t vote.  I don’t like being separated from my brothers but my brothers vote.

I also appreciate the debate surrounding the Georgia amendment that would give the governor’s office the right to privatize or closed under performing schools.  First, many of these schools are in our communities and kids should have good educations.  However, this horrible amendment is a Trojan Horse; a hidden effort to open up school choice.  Again, Malcolm X acknowledged men and women who spoke their minds rather than those who had undisclosed agendas.

Actually, school choice is a debate we can have because parents should have the options of moving their kids to private schools with a little of their money or teaching them at home.  Personally, I think homeschool kids are too sheltered but that is just me.

Our community must vote because leaders make decisions involving everyone based on what they hear from the few who vote and speak up.  The same people seeking to get their nation back with Trump are also trying to figure out a way to keep their kids away from certain kids and certain teachers.  It’s the resegregation of the school systems.

Let me say something rough: many schools are jacked up for real.  However, I am the only one who will honestly say that poor schools start with poorly prepared kids and parents.  Oh, the school is a lovely building and the teachers well-trained but rotten, half-raised kids will deflate the spirit of teachers and poison the educational process for the majority of youth.

Some kids are raised by the streets and crime-oriented sexy music videos.  They don’t know how to focus in school because video games have spoiled their minds.  Of course, we could focus at school because we learned how to pay attention at church.

We should consider the path Blacks have taken into the middle class. If you think about it, the surest way into the middle class for many Blacks was government work: the military, civil service, nursing and most of all teaching.  This election is an attack on that path because a Trump White House would make the military risky for everyone, the state governments want to privatize civil jobs and the Opportunity School Board Amendment would lead to private companies running schools.  Those companies would replace experienced teachers with new educators who cost less.


Bottomline: Good communities, schools and nations don’t happen without honest debate, focused people and hard work.


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Is anyone else thinking that the Trayvon Martin situation might be to the 2012 presidential election what the Elian Gonzalez matter was to the 2000 presidential election?  We remember the young Cuban boy who was in the middle of a Florida battle.  After the Clinton administration sent him back to that island nation, Al Gore narrowly lost the presidency by the state of Florida. 

If any good can come from the death of this young man, igniting a political fire in his generation might be that good.  Young folks should put on their hoodies and head down to the courthouse to register to vote—vote for conservatives, liberals or moderates…just vote.  They should think about their cousins who joined the military and are in harm’s way on foreign soil.  We think of them as heroes but many signed up because that was a stable income during unstable times.  How long should they be there and where are they heading next?  Look, protesting is important but real change comes from the ballot box and the mindset.

America is the land of the free and a person should have the right to be himself.  But, we do need to have a  discussion with our youth about the cold reality of being a minority in America.   And before someone emails me…yes, Black kids kill Black kids every day.  Bottomline: do what you can to see the sun rise tomorrow.  You just might see millions of hoodie wearing young people voting for the first time. 

Those new voters would send a wake-up call to southern state lawmakers who clearly feel that they input isn’t important.

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As a superpower, what is America’s role in the complicated world?

Ted Sadler: President Obama announced his Bin Laden news during the Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night to get back at Donald Trump and because he didn’t want the nation seeing NeNe Leakes and Star Jones having a Black women catfight; Obama must be cheering “Hope” Dworaczyk because he is all about hope and her kid with basketball player Jason Kidd is like baby Obama.  There are those who would believe that nonsense but U.S. Defense actions and Foreign Affairs are serious business.  In another joking moment, Seth Myers said in front of the president at the Correspondents’ Dinner that he knew who could beat Obama in 2012…the answer was 2008 Obama. 

2008 Obama was no joke and he promise foreign policy based on respect for others around the world and soft power (when bread and butter win goodwill rather than bullets.)  In South Georgia, we make peanut butter and I can smell the roasters 24 hours a day.  The cost of one missile could buy a lot of peanut butter and goodwill between the developing world and U.S. rural ag community.  

Why does our military sometimes seem like nation builders rather than warriors?  We must allow warriors to be warriors and leave nation building to H.U.D. or U.S.D.A’s Rural Development.  From Vietnam, we learned that the Pentagon should have freedom to kick –ss and take names.  But, Republican President Eisenhower warned about the growth of the Defense Industrial Complex, those who want to make war to make money.   Our troops should have the best equipment and the mission to handle their business and get home ASAP.

Thanks to President Obama for using the CIA or a real version of “The Unit” to do what needed to be done.  Come on now…let’s be honest…we know that Black Ops can handle some business that the politically liberal think is wrong and unfair.  We don’t need to talk about unfair.  Unfair is spending billions to build communities around the world while America’s infrastructure crumbles.  Unfair is having thousands of troops in harm’s way for extended tours when a Seal Team could have….you know. 

President George H.W. Bush told the truth about the first Gulf War: we were there because limiting our access to that region’s oil would cripple America.  The average American does care about those people in the sand but they love cheaper fuel.  I am about to contradict myself: as the only superpower we must be involved in everyone’s business or they will form alliances that we can’t control and it could be checkmate for us.  The plantation nor the cowboy mentality works when part of the world has the oil and part holds our debt. They have the drop on us and they insist on being treated like adults rather than kids.  Funny, that’s similar to our founding fathers’ attitude about the British crown. 

While I appreciate my fiscally conservative friends concerned with the mounting debt of their unborn grandchildren’s financial burden, I know that a more pressing concern was Bin Laden and his ilk’s effort to acquire on the Black market a weapon that would erase an American city off the map.  Our foreign policy needs military might, respectable right and broad sight because I am weary of our involvement and assistance to people who dislike us.

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6. Are Moderates and Minorities being overlooked by the Conservatives?

I must hand it to the GOP; they are serious about purifying their ranks.  I wish we would do a little housekeeping on the Blue Team ourselves because anyone can put on a “D” jersey then slam President Obama all day long.  With friends like you, we don’t need the other political side.  On the national level and in Georgia, GOP moderates were forced to shape up or ship out.  Quick: name a Georgia GOP moderate leader?

That situation is a shame because national parties should have a range of thoughts at the discussion table.  If they keep that hardcore mentality, their suitability to lead a diverse superpower will be jeopardized.  In other words, that angry cowboy mentality is not healthy. 

Moderates and minorities are being pushed out as the Far Right elbows their way to the front.  Will they hold their position inside the GOP, departed to become Blue Dogs or chill as Independents in the center? I am not saying you got to go home but…..

7.  Are other nations receiving too much American time and resources while the homeland struggles?

We hear this question from regular folks in church parking lots and barber shops. As one of the only superpowers, the United States is involved in a range of activities around the world.  At some point, citizens wonder why we are building infrastructure overseas as bridges, road and schools crumble here.  Should they send HUD rather than DOD? 

To be fair, President Obama ran on a soft power foreign affairs platform that focused on bread over bullets.  I say teach a man to fish by exporting their agricultural knowledge.  That idea creates new markets for our farm equipment, Ag chemicals and seeds while improving other parts of the world so people will stop trying to come here.

8. Can the political Center create a more functional form of moderation?

Centrists aren’t confused or wishy washy people in the political middle.  Some people prefer public policy that includes good ideas from all sides.  Black southerners who vote have always been moderate to conservative.  Solutions for our community start in every individual home and center on personal decision making rather than governmental involvement. With public funding scarce, we must carry ourselves in a wiser manner–like the civil rights era folks did.  We should think about what they could have done with the opportunities we squander.

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The best 4th of July for me was the year the troops came back from Operation Desert Storm and we had a huge welcoming celebration on the National Mall in D.C., which included the Vietnam Era veterans.  When the military bands play patriotic songs and use artillery blast for drums, it is something special. 

At a command change ceremony on Fort Gordon last month, I realized that I had been sleeping on the Army Song, which is rather good.  Which military branch song is best in your opinion?  In this area, we are partial to the Marine hymn.  While eating your brats and pull pork this weekend, we must remember troops in the field.

Yes,  “Air Force Blue” is the newer official song but “Wild Blue Yonder” is much better.  I still like my old blog post about miltary and music. 


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In my Black college dorm, we played Nineteen to death when we were nineteen and sworn that the “none of them received a hero’s welcome” part would never happen again.  We must appreciate the military and be prepared for their return to civilian life. 

A veteran once told me that the hero’s welcome part was  not true because they came back over time rather than at one time like World War II.  In D.C., the Desert Storm welcome home event included Nam Vets.  That was the best July 4th weekend ever.

I had to add Billy Joel’s Good Night Saigon.


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I opened the Albany Heard newspaper this morning and saw four brothers from my old high school on the front page in military uniforms. A couple of them played varsity basketball since they are tall as Georgia pines. The brothers’ mother has noticed the maturity her sons have developed in the service but they were already well-mannered and respectful gentlemen. They were in school with a young Marine from my church who is heading to Afghanistan soon.

The Armed Forces have long been a great option or opportunity for Black southerners who sought travel, training and career stability.  To serve under this commander-in-chief is particularly sweet for some but let’s hope the two major theaters of war don’t become quagmires.

To the lady at the Town Hall meeting on T.V. who angrily said she wants “her” country back, I would remind her that people who look like me provided free labor that built the South after this contiunte was stolen from the Native Americans.  Secondly, brown, red and black troops have served honorably in high numbers in front line/combat units for decades.  So, think before you speak (shout) because “this land is your land…. this land is my land….this land is made for you and me.”

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Combat Duty: The Fun Side

CNN just reported that military enlistment is surging because private sector job opportunities are low.  Young people can benefit from the security and maturity the armed services provide.  In the Black community, the “service” has long been the door into a new, different life. These web videos show that our forces are having a little fun and bonding in the war zone.  Have fun, stay safe.  Thanks.







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