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Is anyone else thinking that the Trayvon Martin situation might be to the 2012 presidential election what the Elian Gonzalez matter was to the 2000 presidential election?  We remember the young Cuban boy who was in the middle of a Florida battle.  After the Clinton administration sent him back to that island nation, Al Gore narrowly lost the presidency by the state of Florida. 

If any good can come from the death of this young man, igniting a political fire in his generation might be that good.  Young folks should put on their hoodies and head down to the courthouse to register to vote—vote for conservatives, liberals or moderates…just vote.  They should think about their cousins who joined the military and are in harm’s way on foreign soil.  We think of them as heroes but many signed up because that was a stable income during unstable times.  How long should they be there and where are they heading next?  Look, protesting is important but real change comes from the ballot box and the mindset.

America is the land of the free and a person should have the right to be himself.  But, we do need to have a  discussion with our youth about the cold reality of being a minority in America.   And before someone emails me…yes, Black kids kill Black kids every day.  Bottomline: do what you can to see the sun rise tomorrow.  You just might see millions of hoodie wearing young people voting for the first time. 

Those new voters would send a wake-up call to southern state lawmakers who clearly feel that they input isn’t important.


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