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Joe Scarborough’s Politico column “GOP gets dose of ‘Wisconsin nice’” will never be read by the average southern conservatives.  But, the more positive vibe coming from RNC chairman Reince Preibus, Rep. Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker could be the blueprint for making their policies palatable to moderates and centrists.  Yes, Governor Walker is in the middle of a rough budget/union situation but compared to some, these guys are cool people.

President Obama often looks to House Budget Committee chairman Ryan as a conservative with whom the White House can negotiate.  For some strange reason, some conservatives were surprised to learn that President Obama doesn’t hate Republicans.  Hate takes up so much energy and while the good battles those they see as wrong, we should all remember “…for they know not what they do.”

I stay in trouble with other moderates for watching the GOP presidential field out of the corner of my eye.  This mess keeps me up at night because I can’t bring myself to want the GOP nominee to be a candidate who is an easier opponent for the president.  What if said candidate actually wins the White House?  I might be wrong but I say stack the deck with candidates I can see as president from both parties.  That would be nice but nice is a four letter words to those on both political extremes.

http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/50350.html      Good Article


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Watergate was an unnecessary mess because Nixon was winning anyway. In politics and policy, you have different layers and levels of involvement. The average American voters wants the nation to function better. Then, you have your issue activists and party enthusiasts who mean well but tend to get carried away and swear that the other side is never correct.

I am ticked-off with the Blue Dogs who supported Bush 41 and Bush 43 when these presidents were somewhat right yet those same conservative Democrats aren’t turning to the GOP members with whom they worked in the past and saying “come on fellows…not all of these ideas are bad.”

The most dramatic level of politics and policy would be the professionals who earn a living from the conflict—more mess, more money.  I am one southerner who has grown weary of fighting for fighting sake. 

To the people I know in the GOP, you can win in November on the issues but resorting to fear, hate and traditional ugliness is unbecoming and counterproductive.  Your team should notice how Rep. Paul Ryan, Mario Rubio and even Senator Isakson debate and voice opposition  constructively.  The worst-case scenario would be the continue use of techniques and methods similar to the hate-baiting from our past.  It is interesting that some of those “win at all cost” political leaders of the past had righteous transformation before going to glory and explain what they did for opportunistic purposes.  Of course, the same can be said about folks on our side.  To feed your family, a hater got to do what a hater got to do.

Earlier this year, President Obama told the both sides that they should be careful how they debate because the average Americans is going to start believing that they really hate each other.  Newsflash: they don’t; it’s political theater.  While they sincerely hate the issues and the growing debt, I don’t think there is a member of the Georgia congressional delegation who “hates” another member. 

The wildcard factor is the successful division of the media that “stays paid” from the conflict.  I want to say that I have recently learned that this division is not really journalists but some new form of political commentators for entertainment—Rush, Glenn, Michelle, Ed, Keith, Rachael.  (Thank you Glenn Beck for explaining it.)  Can the average American separate political entertainment from Cronkite-style journalism.  Cronkite and Brinkley would turn to another camera and the words “commentary” would appear across the bottom of the screen. 

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, they did a report about a coming RNC insider effort to drive donations with fear and boy won’t it work. But, playing this card from your sleeve is not needed when the cards in your hand are not that bad.  Can you see why centrists support the few sensible people on the Right?  The old Chinese proverb goes “it is better to light a single candle than curse the darkness.”


March 4: Msnbc’s Joe Scarborough offers his take on an RNC fundraising document, obtained by Politico, that encourages the use of “fear” and “negative feelings” to solicit donations.

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Former GOP congressman, turned author and T.V. guy Joe Scarborough has the formula for fixing his party and “hateorade” is not in the mix.  In his new book, The Last Best Hope outlines a technique for debating issues in a substantive matter without the bitter temperament that helped drive America into President Obama loving arms.  Is Obama the nicest person ever?

Scarborough always points out that President Reagan did not walk around with a heart full of hate like many leaders today.  My personal list of cool temperament politicians from Georgia would include Senator Sam Nunn, Senator Johnny Isakson, and Rep. Sanford Bishop.  The next group of Georgia GOP congressional leaders could include a woman or two with the same vibe if they were smart enough to look in the correct places.

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On MSNBC’s Morning Joe at 6:17a.m., I just realized that former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough is a logical possibility for president in 2012 and his coming book will outline why.  

I watch Joe and his crew every weekday but today he went off about Michael Vick doing a real amount of time in prison for a real offense but child rapist get a few weeks or a month.  Joe said Vick was done in by PETA’s political correctness and I said amen.  I also say people who were offend by Vick’s dog fighting should be equally offended by Darfur, the collateral death toll in Iraq and America’s blood history with slavery.


 I love that dog Eddie on the T.V. show Frazier; he is a Jack Russell Terrier I think.  But I love humans more.  Those who love dogs like their children are entitled to their opinions and feelings but also stop wearing leather into steakhouse for a bloody filet.  You seem like a contradiction or a hypocrite.  We all love dogs on some level because their offer unconditional love and some people are hard for other people to love.  Michael Vick was stupid and he has company.

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Senator McCain took the microphone from that older lady and said, “No madam, no madam, he is a decent family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign is all about.”  At that point, I knew that we should be gracious to him during the rest of this campaign because he could be a GOP voice of civility in the Senate to the Obama White House.  (Here come the emails.)


The contributors to this blog started discussing who would be the same GOP voice in the House.  That’s when I wrote about ‘Republican Rhetoric Dialers Needed” and urged our community to consider supporting GOP candidates who would vote their party line but stand up in their conference meetings and insist that opposition stayed on policy without resorting to dirty behavior and clearly incendiary untruths.  In the short time since that posting, we have seen that talk radio muck could push zealots to try some real ugliness.


Could Georgia congressional Deborah Honeycutt be that GOP voice.


First, her opponent David Scott is a Blue Dog Democrat and a welcomed African American moderate—member of the House Agriculture Committee who worked on the bipartisan Farm Bill and a member of the Financial Services Committee who must monitor those Bailout billions.


Should we be concerned that the congress doesn’t have one GOP African American?  Senator Obama keeps saying “and some Republicans” but he has endorsed Scott.


Former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough on MSNBC said that the large number of small donors who have given to the Obama campaign must be making the K-Street lobbyists sick—if the people give the money directly, the lobbyists are pushed out of the loop and away from the leaders’ ears.


Do the tons of money Honeycutt raised make her Obama, Jr, or Baby Barrack?   For those who question how she did it, that’s easy to see: she is a African American pro-life physician.  A Black doctor saying that abortion is wrong from the medical and moral standpoint.  Those who agree with her must dream about propelling her onto the national stage in an effort to end the taking of innocent lives.  (Here come more emails)


There’s the question: would Deborah Honeycutt in congress actually help the Obama White House if she could reduced the vitriol? 


She is an Alpha Kappa Alpha who was medical director at Spelman College—the sister is starting to seem Obama-like. 


Personally, I can’t call it because my first deference is to Scott for his Farm Bill work. 

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