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On MSNBC’s Morning Joe at 6:17a.m., I just realized that former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough is a logical possibility for president in 2012 and his coming book will outline why.  

I watch Joe and his crew every weekday but today he went off about Michael Vick doing a real amount of time in prison for a real offense but child rapist get a few weeks or a month.  Joe said Vick was done in by PETA’s political correctness and I said amen.  I also say people who were offend by Vick’s dog fighting should be equally offended by Darfur, the collateral death toll in Iraq and America’s blood history with slavery.


 I love that dog Eddie on the T.V. show Frazier; he is a Jack Russell Terrier I think.  But I love humans more.  Those who love dogs like their children are entitled to their opinions and feelings but also stop wearing leather into steakhouse for a bloody filet.  You seem like a contradiction or a hypocrite.  We all love dogs on some level because their offer unconditional love and some people are hard for other people to love.  Michael Vick was stupid and he has company.

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