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Herman Cain said Black Democrats are brainwashed and he is right.  Also, he is brainwashed and I am brainwashed.  Hell, everyone I know is brainwashed to a certain degree by someone or something—some negative and some positive.

My dictionary tells me that brainwashing is an intensive indoctrination, usually political, aimed at changing a person’s basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with a fixed and unquestioned set of beliefs.  The negative connotation comes with the unquestioned part because I will question everything that comes out of a human’s mouth…any human…pastors included. 

To start, some brains need washing.  We know that U.S. Marines basic training on Parris Island begins with breaking down the old person and ends with building a warrior.  Thugs and gangbangers need their brains washed as do most of the greedy bastards on Wall Street and many in congress. Some people argue that the loving nature of the Black college fraternity pledge process was sullied by veterans on the G.I. Bill who mixed in methods learned while dealing with the enemy in war.  Newsflash, fraternity pledges aren’t the Vietcong so stop brainwashing college kids. 

Fat folks need their brain’s washed and their colons cleansed. I can say that because I am little heavy and realize that the proper practices of diet and exercise are vital.  Is it brainwashing if it is welcomed? 

I personally know and like Herman Cain; he is a great guy.  As an older gentleman, he has earned the right (like Rev. Jeremiah Wright) to say some interesting things.  When he was going-off about Muslims, I wished I had his Blackberry number because I was convinced that the far-Right had brainwashed that Morehouse Man (that or he deserves an Academy Award.)  Cain later met with peaceful Muslim leaders and walked back his comments about no Muslims in his cabinet.

We should all be cautious around those who seek to indoctrination us—just make your point and I will consider it.  Actually, we have seen a redirecting in the political arena over the last forty years.  Public policy was once driven by political scientists and policy wonks—the eggheads charged with better governing.  Today, ad men and Madison Avenue types are running the show in government as every idea gets tested before market research groups.  They are looking for buzz terms that can brainwash the voters—Death panels, Death tax, stimulus, reinvestments.  It is a dirt chess game and we the people are the pawns. 

Yes Mr. Cain, some far-Left Democrats have been brainwashed into an entitlement mentality.  But, Cain should realize that some far-Right conservatives have been brainwashed into an “us vs. them” mentality that pits Americans against Americans and continues the mentality that an elite segment of the electorate should make decisions alone.  I shouldn’t get started about what happens when that segment (who are often correct on policy) don’t get their way.  They have been brainwashed into circling the wagons and starting revolutions.

Mind you, those on all sides who seek to brainwash the masses do so with power and money as their personal motivators.  I have pretty good filters (everyone thinks they have) so you can’t tell me that Obama and Huntsman aren’t good dudes who sincerely want to improve the nation. However, the political arena is so dirty these days that a leader must be an angel with dirty wings because nice guys finish last.

Fox News on Right and MSNBC on Left slowly have brainwashed people and I learned that from my CNN brainwashing.  On some level, we are all brainwashed and I leave you with Luke 6:42.

Luke 6:42  How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.


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3.  Are some Blue Dogs sidestepping the political heat?

First, I have an original Blue Dog pin and will never sell it on Ebay.  Blue Dogs are a unique breed of moderate to conservative Democrats, but they aren’t Republicans.  If you think about it, the Democrat Party looks like America with diverse groups at the table debating issues.  President Obama has a bold policy agenda and at some point the issues are too progressive for some Blue Dogs. I was working at the Congress on the day current gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal switched to the GOP—we liked Nathan the day before and we liked him the next day.  Deal’s departure seemed natural or organic for a person from his conservative district.

Congressmen walk a thin line between party loyalty and independence but when the GOP needs their members, those members are there.  Why can’t President Obama have that same loyalty on historic votes?  Loyal Democrats are catching “hot heat” for the healthcare reform vote while others are chilling in the shade.  The same Blue Dogs who ran campaign ads featuring their support of a GOP president will be slamming Obama and congressional Democrats on the air this fall.  These members are tossing fellow Blue Dogs under the bus.

4. Are some Republicans uncomfortable with non-GOP supporters?

Have you ever seen a candidate who doesn’t want public support?  To be honest, some Black activists took a backseat during the Obama campaign so the effort did not seem like a Black v. White situation (which it wasn’t.)  In a similar situation, some GOP candidates seem to downplay their supporters who are Democrats because their base might feel they are slipping to the left.  Say What? 

I think most candidates enjoy any sincere support, but the campaign staff often comes from the red meat selection of their party.  When the campaign event comes on the local news, I want to see a crowd that looks like Georgia.  We must highlight Georgia’s history of peaceful living as an economic development tool. Companies don’t want to bring jobs to a region if they think employees will be fight a mini Civil War in the break room.  In the era of the angry mob, GOP candidates with a range of supporters deserve respect. 

5. Are Fox News and MSNBC putting political agendas over journalism?

I love CNN because the reporting is balanced—literally.  This Georgia based operation puts pundits from the left, right and center on the stage at the same time.  Fox News and MSNBC seem to execute a political agenda that flexes the traditional rules of journalism. While I watch these channels for diversity reasons, I can’t help but think that the slant is blatantly obvious to some and not to others.  Glenn Beck was correct when he said that his job is entertainment—not running the nation.  I hope other Americans know that.

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CNN has me thinking with an open mind about all sides of the healthcare debate.  Everyone has a study about this and an analysis about that but I personally turn to CNN for balance reporting and to FOX and MSNBC for commentary.  The following story exemplifies the type reporting I prefer.  If you only listen to FOX or MSNBC, that’s your business and I hope your insurance covers the explosion of that vein in your forehead—simmer down now. 

If folks spent less time yelling, the valid points about waste, tort reform and administrative mistakes could be heard.   

I have always said that healthcare reform needs “teeth.”  Not a dental plan but some hard decisions about the money this nation spends for healthcare that could have been avoided. i.e. the Diabetic who refuses to check his blood sugar level; your uninsured uncle who eats every and anything then gets rushed to the ER.  Some of the money uncle spent on food and drinks could have gone to a basic health care plan.

We should brace for a battle because one person’s waste is another person’s income.

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Roland Martin

Roland Martin

Yesterday, I finally got around to read my June issue of Essence Magazine (get that subscription for your sons so they develop an opinion of women other than locker room, the corner and music videos.)

Roland S. Martin from CNN doesn’t play and his Essence column was outstanding as he outlined that President Obama’s election is not the end of MLK’s dream.

“It’s simple.  The election of a Black man to the White House is a hugh triumph.  But while we praise, worship, and wear our Obama buttons and swear we have overcome, barely more than half of our kids are graduating from high school, according to America’s Promise Alliance, the children’s advocacy organization founded by retired Gen. Colin Powell and his wife Alma.  We know that the pathway to economic equality is determined by an education, so how could Obama’s election mean Dr. King’s dream has been fulfilled when we have these sad statistics to deal with?”

“I’m not looking to pour cold water on Obama’s accomplishment.  But we desperately need a reality check to understand that with 95% of African Americans voting for Obama, going to the polls was the easy part in this effort to change America.  Now it’s time for us to get to work to achieve not just Dr. King’s dream but the American Dream.” 

I agree with Roland Martin and I have heard President Obama say the same thing.

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I am watching MSNBC and wishing that they don’t be come the left version of Fox News.  Keith Olberman and Bill O’Reilly are both journalists to me but Rachel Maddow is starting to smirk in a way that is as negative as those people on Fox in the morning—two wrong does not make….

Shep Smith, currently of Fox News, is going through some things with the far right because he has evidently grown weary of twisting the truth and pushing propaganda—good for you Shep.  It had to be Smith who announced that Obama was president on Fox News that night because anyone else’s head would have exploded.  I am no expert but there is a line between reporting the news and facts as a journalist and some form of news entertainment that doesn’t follow the appropriate code of reporting ethics.  (i.e. MSNBC’s the Ed Show.)

The one that gets me most of all is Michelle Malkin, blogger turn Fox News talking head.  She is clearly a bright woman who at some point decided she would write or say whatever took her to fame and fortune.  She puts me in the mind of southern political leaders from the last century who were raised loving their family housekeepers (who look like me) but would say the ugliest things about all members of my community who get ahead politically and get rich.  The type who made a tennis court out of the local swimming pool the day the order came that Blacks citizens had a right to dive-in.  That would be the same day I decide be a tennis player so thanks.  If they turn the court into a polo field, I give up.  

Like George Wallace, many of those so-called leaders would have a change of heart as their death approached; don’t want to explain that stuff before the pearly gates.  To be fair, the hate speakers who look like me often have their change of heart also.  A date with hell is a natural laxative.

Here something interesting: what is the first institution of higher education in America to admit Black students in 1835?  Michelle Malkin’s alma mater Oberlin College of Ohio.  But, they welcome her on-campus speaking dates because decent people like dialog and discourse.  

When you are pitifully poor (old school Black college term), some decision must be made and people weight their personal integrity against pending financial doom; what profits a man to gain the whole world…. 

This blog acknowledged John McCain’s efforts to dial down the rhetoric last year; rhetoric that would compel the sickest minds to get on a rooftop and turn their baseball caps backwards…you know the rest.  It’s good to be a moderate because the extremists on the far-left and far-right take recreational “hate speak” as a call to arms.  

Wolf, is there room in CNN’s Situation Room for a Shepard? 

Conservatives Attack Fox’s Shep Smith — Politics Daily

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