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Roland Martin

Roland Martin

Yesterday, I finally got around to read my June issue of Essence Magazine (get that subscription for your sons so they develop an opinion of women other than locker room, the corner and music videos.)

Roland S. Martin from CNN doesn’t play and his Essence column was outstanding as he outlined that President Obama’s election is not the end of MLK’s dream.

“It’s simple.  The election of a Black man to the White House is a hugh triumph.  But while we praise, worship, and wear our Obama buttons and swear we have overcome, barely more than half of our kids are graduating from high school, according to America’s Promise Alliance, the children’s advocacy organization founded by retired Gen. Colin Powell and his wife Alma.  We know that the pathway to economic equality is determined by an education, so how could Obama’s election mean Dr. King’s dream has been fulfilled when we have these sad statistics to deal with?”

“I’m not looking to pour cold water on Obama’s accomplishment.  But we desperately need a reality check to understand that with 95% of African Americans voting for Obama, going to the polls was the easy part in this effort to change America.  Now it’s time for us to get to work to achieve not just Dr. King’s dream but the American Dream.” 

I agree with Roland Martin and I have heard President Obama say the same thing.

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