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For my Black Republican friends, I want to offer some Moderate Democrat insights that you’ll rarely get because we are in constant battle. But, as a member of the national honor society from Black college, I am committed to our motto “I make not my head a grave but a community of knowledge.” The “if/then”conditional statements from computer programming will be my tool.



In in the Summer of 2020, Democrats and Republicans will select the overall tickets or teams for the November elections that include the presidency.  From president to vice president to congress to the state legislators to local candidates, the selection process is complex and involves reality and what the other side is offering.



The Democrats must balance Joe Biden with a VP running mate to gets the base to the polls.  Hillary Clinton picked Senator Tim Kaine who would have been an excellent VP. However, we will never know what Kaine would have been because the selection didn’t help get out infrequent voters in swing states.


Winning the White House might come down to Black women voters in 10 swing states tipping the scales.


If Black voters knew that Biden would seriously consider selecting a non Black woman, then we would have been better off supported a Black woman or man for president in the first place. I acknowledge the fact that VP nominees normally are big state Senators (the states are big, not the actual Senators), big city mayors from swing states or governors. But, we aren’t in normal situations.


If Biden selects a Black woman or Latina for VP, then she must be someone who can energize the crowds better than he can.  She doesn’t need to be the DNC’s favorite person as much as she needs to be a person who can connect with people who voted for Obama but blew off Hillary for whatever reason. Again, the party leaders aren’t as important as regular folks across the heartland and in Deep South.


Trump Relative To The Democrat Ticket

It’s not a good look for a national party to not look like the nation. It’s like a ruling class of people lording over the servant class. The DNC and GOP feel like modern plantations to many Black voters.


If Biden selects a Black or Brown woman for VP, then the GOP should use Black and Brown congressional and legislative candidates as regional diversity leaders. Indications are that the previous sentence is a joke. Many GOP voters are pleased to be unapologetically in a party primarily of people who look and think like them only.


Georgia’s Second Congressional District Race

Rep. Sanford Bishop has served the agriculture and military communities well for decades. If he is defeated, then his power over UDSA spending could cost the peach state billions.  However, the GOP will field a candidate of their selection. If policy expert, ultra conservative Don Cole wins the primary next month, then it will be par for the course and consistent with the notion that the Republicans want aggressive far Right conservatism even in a Democrat heavy district.


Is the far Right’s effort to unseat Bishop actually Don Quixote tilting at windmills? If Bishop is unseated, then the Big Ag industry will be sadly dealing with a Democrat controlled House of Representatives without Bishop….be careful what you wish for, GOP.


Vivian Childs is the other GOP candidate in the 2nd Congressional District and is a Black woman with deep roots in the GOP and Black community. If she was the GOP nominee, her nature and grace soften the otherwise rough, tough style of the southern GOP in some places.


If Biden selects a Georgia Black woman for VP, then Vivian Childs as a congressional candidate from south and central Georgia is good optics and hopefully she could privately get the president to chill on some level with his fiery rhetoric and drama.  If Cole is the nominee, then the Democrats will have a field day pointing out that the GOP couldn’t find a Black candidate in this very Black district. Of course, the vast majority of Blacks in the 2nd district will be voting in the Democrat primary. So, the question is will White GOP primary voters select someone like Childs who can get some new Black voters in November for their team.



If Biden slights Blacks by not picking a Black woman after Blacks saved him in South Carolina , then unfortunately some disillusioned Black voters might wrongfully stay home or protest vote for Childs and Trump if she come out of the primary.


Who knows what will happen. Cole is similar to most of the voters in that primary while Childs would garner national attention and help Trump. We will see.

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Blacks in or near the political center are at an awkward crossroads.  The situation is as dramatic as the Southfork Ranch on the T.V. show Dallas. If you aren’t old enough to remember this classic, you likely don’t realize the danger of flirting with socialism on the far left or tyranny on the far right.  Baseball great Yogi Berra famously quipped “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”


I am writing this anthology of my blog posts as a guide map as Black voters decide which political south fork to take. Yes, Black Republicans are as much a part of our community as Black Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialists are. We all want a better, more fair America but how to get there isn’t clear. You know you can arrive at the same place from different directions.


Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken started “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both” and ended “…and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”


Black conservatives basically took the road less travelled. While most Blacks would say its less travelled because it is wrong, I think these brothers and sisters serve an important purpose. They diversify our political/public policy portfolio. Daddy taught me not to put all of our eggs in one basket; backup plans are needed. If President Trump wins a second term, Blacks who don’t vote would have been complicit. We can’t continue to break our necks to work for people who aren’t working for themselves. I think the following blog posts could be useful:


The Best Interests Initiative


I wrote a monthly blog series for most of a year called the Best Interests Initiative. The mission of the project was to outline how the Black community could or possibly should function with secondary governmental involvement. Do we really trust a local, state and federal government that sanctioned our oppression until recently and wonders why we are still upset. To me, old school Black conservatism (Country Club/pre-T.E.A. Party) was based on moving forward with a fair opportunity for all for the first time and not based on the government ensured that everyone has a nice life. That would be socialism.  Socialism would create a lazy and entitled segment of the population. My error-filled, unedited blog posts are a raw reflection of what the Black majority says in plant breakrooms, church parking lots and barbershops.


In the 25 some odd years since I returned to Georgia from Capitol Hill, it has been Black Republicans who sought a dialog with this Blue Dog/Centrist Democrat. During that time, the urban elites from the two coasts pulled the Democrat Party more and more to the left. While I appreciate their liberal well-intended actions, I knew that some of them views Blacks as children who need constant assistance. What’s more, Washington and Atlanta policy wonks decide what is important to the Black community then go about the business of “teaching” us what that is. Wrong move.


If any Black candidate for Congress from any political parties wanted to “flip the script,” he or she should use the Best Interests Initiative as a starting point for a discussion about what we can do for ourselves. It could be a game-changer because we must play chess rather than checkers–always thinking three moves ahead. If the GOP can’t be corrected by voting them out of power, we need to appreciate the reasonable brothers and sisters in their ranks. Personally, the Blacks on the far right aren’t my cup of T.E.A. but those near the center are straight enough.


Southern Black Muscle: P.E.C.S.


I love the PECS blog post because it outlines a comprehensive strategy for improving our community.  Voting and public policy are just part of the problems and solutions. P.E.C.S. spell out the issues: Political, Economic, Cultural and Social. It’s about addressing actions and concerns before they become problems. Old school personal responsibility is the foundation of the moderation.


OPEN 2020



OPEN 2020 is my unfunded baby.  OPEN stands for Our Policy Education Network.  Every two years campaign people run around trying to get the right 20 people in a room to meet their candidate and hear their points.  I thinking a network of the right 20 people should be in place and cultivate. But, I am not taking about the usual crowd. OPEN 2020 seeks to find and dine the real local trendsetters from the community and social media. We selected 20 towns in the Georgia south of Macon in which candidate Obama received over 4,000 votes. If OPEN was in place, Stacey Abrams would be governor. Also, OPEN 2020 believes that all political sides should have opportunities to make their points in our communities. Listening to the other side might be the best motivation to stay woke and vote.



Farm Bill: Everyone’s Glance


The Farm Bill is the most important bill/law to rural America.  From different angles, the Black community in Georgia should stay abreast of food and fiber issues relative to a safe and affordable food supply. The Black community surprisingly has more jobs connected to the Farm Bill than you might think.


Georgia Democrats: Normandy Style


In December 2018, my vision of a military campaign style approach to the campaigns of 2020 was outlined in a blog post. Of course, the Democrats aren’t working like the well-oil machine I sought. Will Rogers said “I am not a member of any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.’ While that is cute, there is nothing funny about losing to people who would turn the clock back to the Jim Crow era.


Political Money Maps vs. Kids


Why why why can’t people realize that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Elected officials read the voting results by areas and if your area blows off voting, they often blow you off.  So, you attend every home high school football game to support the team, the cheerleaders and the band but you don’t register and vote to support those same young people by picking better councilmen, mayors, sheriffs, state legislators, judges, congressmen and presidents. Those same kids in high school uniforms last Fall might soon be drafted into an unwinnable war—wearing a camouflage uniforms on the other side of the world because a president has an itchy trigger finger. My road gets paved first because we vote.


5 Hot Issues: Weed, Schools, Military, Health-care, Jobs


A 2018 blog post showed my selection of five issues that could get our community voting. The issues driven by Democrat Party activists don’t reflect the interests of heartland Blacks. We should give Trump credit for asking his people what they wanted (albeit crazy stuff) then trying to deliver said twisted promises. We must make it plain and clear to reach and move the people. Okay, I am tired of begging grown folks to vote for or against candidates making decisions impacting our world.


In summary, the Black community is at a political fork in the southern road. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Southfork on Dallas wasn’t real; Trump’s America is very real. If the Democrats can’t get organized to defeat this president, we deserve whatever he brings next. I still believe that privately some old school Republicans are saying “this nation is on the wrong path…this can’t be good.”

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If Pookie and Ray Ray voted, Stacey Abrams would be governor.  If their sisters would vote also, Abrams would be the next Vice President and two years later have the Oval to herself.  The margin of victory in most southern elections would be erased by these unengaged potential voters.  But, the government touches so many aspects of their lives.

My outline for getting them to the polls and involved in general starts with a few unedited blog posts—just add time and money.  Who has a Bloomberg connect?






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Thanksgiving Democrats Dinner

We should have a Thanksgiving look at the Democrats running for president—a “feel of the field” if you will.  Next Generation Democrats must cook up a meal that satisfies the whole family.  Unlike a feast in a conservative Republican “Make America Sedate Again” home, we must please a range of taste and interests or else.

The objective of the Democratic ticket is to remove President Trump and maybe tie his drama/mess to those who put him there.  So, the cooks looming over shoulders in the kitchen are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams…with Trump peeping in the window.

Biden is ready now and a safe bet for success.  At times, he seems old.  The heartland wants change but Trump is so wild that change from him is a welcomed “plain.”  Of course, the Whole Food shoppers in the family like the Progressive agendas of Sanders and Warren.  Sanders is really an advocate like Ralph Nader and Jesse Jackson; presidents should be bridge-builder/governors.  Warren’s wealth tax and erasing student loan debt sounds good to the family but her healthcare plan “for all” troubles those happy with their current situations.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is as smart as a whip but Cory Booker was mayor of a bigger city AND is a U.S. Senator.  Kamala Harris won statewide several times in a nation called California but seems a little happy at times.  The game changer could be which Black leader is selected as Vice President—Booker, Harris, Abrams, Andrew Gillumman or Deval Patrick.  Black America is studying Mayor Pete’s relationship with our community in South Bend while gauging his reception with southern church folks.

Yes, at Thanksgiving dinner, dilemmas come up.  The family divide is often between old school and new school.  We have boujee kinfolks who are solidly in the middle class—the Black Elite.  Oh, the Republicans should have cannibalized them with Michael Steele but they chose to go the Neo Confederate route.  The foundation of the Democrat Party is hard-working, clean-cut brothers and sisters.  We are talking about military enlisted personnel, federal workers, labor union members and plant workers.  Of course, we need to mention the hip hop culture young people who put “being down” in front of employability (‘no what I’m sayin’).

A primary issue (pun intended) concerns the idea that Progressives in the Blue party break their necks to help the lowest income Americans but those struggling families don’t necessarily take responsibility for their actions or vote.  Then, Sanders or someone similar promises the pie in the sky and if he isn’t the nominee, they stay home on election day.  Thanksgiving dinner is often awkward because the family spent the last year addressing problems created by one family member while positive family members were ignored.  Did Hillary let her liberal staff pull her away from rural Americans?  Did she really skip Wisconsin?  Mayor Pete and Senator Amy Klobuchar are trying with agriculture issues and rural development.

We thank Stacey Abrams for raising a zillion dollars alone.  In the past the Democrat campaign industry would raise money and spend it with their friends on T.V. ads.  Abrams put that money on the street with Get Out The Vote grassroots efforts and she has learned to use more locals next time.

We wish we could take elements and aspects of everyone mentioned above and create a composite candidate—add some Julian Castro in the mix.  The old saying goes “nothing brings you more pleasure and pain than family.”  The Democrats and Republicans shouldn’t feel like two different families on Thanksgiving.  Then again, if the Native Americans knew then what we know now…go back to Europe might have been the chant.  Around some GOP Thanksgiving tables next week, some conservatives will admit privately that Trump is dangerous to this nation and plain Jeb Bush looks pretty good right about now.

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Heavy Blacks Need To Vote

America and South Georgia have always been awkward for Blacks.  You know the history or do you.  If you don’t, you might experience “back to the future” literally.  For some, that turnaround would be welcome—Make America (my version of) Great Again.  I hope your Black behind knows that this version requires the systematic subjugation of a servant class.

In the past, that servant class was determined by birth.  We should hope that in the future one’s condition in life is fairly determined by grit, drive, effort, focus and achievement.  So, the adjusted American dream could be that every child has a level opportunity to create a good life for themselves.  Sorry well-intended Socialists, this nation can’t and shouldn’t guarantee a good life for everyone—a minimum decent humane life, maybe- but not a good life for a slacker or a couch potato.

Driven Blacks have been in a constant struggle for fairness since arriving here in the hulls of ships before America was an America.  We are battle-weary.  But, the strange battle is with other Blacks who have and will benefit from our efforts who don’t seem to help themselves. I am amazed at the low voter registration and turnout in our communities.  We are talking about communities where local, state and federal governmental actions are direct (public housing, free school lunch, proper police protection, good schools, healthcare, etc.)

If the needy in our community can spend countless hours on sports and internet screen time but can’t take ten minutes to vote, they deserve whatever the Trump types will do to them on all three governmental levels.  Yes, I said it.  A reoccurring theme of this blog is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  As we monitor voter turnout over the next 13 months, we might determine that negative elements of our community are like cancerous cells in a human body.  We might determine that government isn’t fair and can’t be the primary agent for our success. Our success is mostly determined by life choices, decisions and consequences.

We should first help those trying hardest to achieve—those who listen and stay focus.  Do we have compassion for the rest?  Of course but you can’t save people from themselves.  We must expose every child to a constant diet of healthy life choices and options.  Hell, the struggle itself should be a major motivating factor. “He Ain’t Heavy..He’s My Brother” was righteous in ’69 but “Truth is I’m tired” in 2019.

The vote of Blacks under 30 years of age in the South alone could end Trumpism.  If these voters don’t pull their weight and Trump wins a second term, Moderate Black voters might be force to create a new movement in the center to save America by working with whomever to vote out the cancer in other ways.

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Democrats are divided. If something doesn’t change, these geniuses are going to give President Trump a second term.  To be a political party in a diverse nation, you need flexibility or as Senator Ted Kennedy said a half a loaf is better than no loaf.  Progressives want the whole loaf or starve.

The well-intended Progressive Movement is just that..a movement.  Winning elections to them might be second to progressing their causes in general.  When the Bernie Sanders crew didn’t get their guy the nomination, some of them blew off the general election while others voted for Trump.

Recently, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was booed by California Democrats for saying Socialism isn’t the answer.  Well, rural Black southerners who actually vote are Moderates who would say “Say What?” if you broke down socialism for them.  “Ok, I am at the factory in steel-toed shoes all day while fools are at home thinking about getting free stuff from the government but it isn’t free because those are my tax dollars.  No one wants to see hungry babies but these grown folks with their hands out could work HERE…we are hiring.  But they are too cool to get dirty at work.”

Dare I ask: Was Dr. Martin Luther King naïve?  In our journey up from slavery, we basically assume that Blacks just needed a fair opportunity to prosper.  M.L.K.’s dream turned into a nightmare when you understand that not everyone is doing their best.  Some White, Black, Yellow and Brown people are just lazy and shiftless.  Blacks of the civil rights movement were generally rooted in the family and church.  The freedoms we enjoy today unfortunately include the freedom to be weak and a self-made victim.  Dr. King is likely disappointed on the other side.

Barack Obama was equally naïve on some level.  When horrible things happened, he would say that’s not who we are.  Actually, Obama’s vision was who we should be (like Lincoln’s better angels.)  Trump exploits who we really are….warts and all.  He is the greatest opportunist in American history and shame on the GOP for giving him a platform.

If things don’t change quickly, this is how the election season will go.  The Progressive minority inside the Democrat Party will push presidential and congressional candidates from the Left.  The old Clinton/Gore and Obama/Biden working class/church attending Dems in the Midwest and South will reject that much liberalism.  The resulting ticket and slate of candidates will go down because pouting babies didn’t get their way.  Trump wins and we head toward global isolationism and possible war.

We should mention that the poor people Liberals want to help vote infrequently.

The following is hard for Progressives to understand: Southern rural Blacks never really trust the government.  We see the same local, state and federal governments that sanctioned our oppression.  If Trump wins again, we will be fine because your best life comes from being a better you; not governmental involvement.  I wrote a blog series once called The Best Interest Initiatives.  Moderate Blacks loved it.  If we had more Moderate talk inside the Democrat Party, we could pull enough suburban voters from the Republicans and Trump would lose.


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To move forward as a community, we need to be concerned with more than who wins elections.  Politicians can’t save you from you. The most successful communities have strategic plans based on reality and achievement.  Because this blog post will ruffle some feathers, an italicized disclaimer should come first.  “In a free society like America, you can’t tell people what to do. People have a right to free association and free thought.”

Of course, there are consequences and results from free actions and that is where governmental involvement gets complicated.  You can be unemployed and have six babies but other citizens become involved if you need their tax dollars to feed these innocent kids.  You can have a faith belief that is against a woman’s right to choose but are you going to feed the resulting children for the next 18 years.

I wrote a blog post about P.E.C.S. recently: Politically, Economically, Culturally and Socially.  The idea is that politics is just one part of the overall wellness plan for a community.  We need to be careful about our economic actions, cultural choices and general societal mindset.  Basically, my community is a mess that is getting messier while other communities are moving forward.  Slavery and Jim Crow makes our situation unique but still, we must do better.


Are we actually moving backwards from the pre-integration Black communities?  While those communities were oppressed, most Blacks of those days were fully-focused on achievement and eager to capitalize on every rare opportunity.  The Black home isn’t as solid as it once was and our children are growing up with a range of influences.  Often, the hip hop culture has replaced the church as a major influencer.  Calm down, we all love the art medium of music and rap lyricists are poets.  But, for children without deep roots, the glamorization of street life from music could become a rough way of life. Are these kids preparing for S.T.E.M. careers or jobs in the trades?  Will they be ready to earn a living in the rapidly changing global economy or will they self-medicate and become adult wards of the state?

On the other side of town or in the rural areas, some in the majority community in the South are expressing radical bitterness.  Dr. Condoleezza Rice says that slavery is America’s birth defect.  Conversations about fairness and righting past wrongs have led to a siege mentality for some folks.  Remember, everyone has a right to his or her thoughts.  However, when your thoughts result in discrimination, problems can be legal and financial.

Economic development officials are discovering that local bitter views can stop national companies from bringing new jobs to some areas. Ouch.  Supposedly, B.M.W.’s decision to locate a plant in South Carolina over the Savannah, Georgia, area included drama over the Confederate flag.  Corporations and companies feel out areas and avoid places with simmering troubles.  They don’t want to live in such places and don’t want employee conflicts on the worksite.  We will live together as brothers or perish as fools.

I wrote a blog post about elected officials using technology-generated maps to analyze where voters live.  Governmental projects and services could reflect voting actions; the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  My palm hits my forehead when I think about the neediest areas being the areas with the lowest number of voters.  So, the government helped your family during struggles but you can’t find ten minutes to vote.


I don’t want to say “hate” groups but “bitter” groups and individuals from the Far Left and Far Right are being mapped by watch organizations.  Similar to elected officials giving better service to “voting” areas, extremist’s views could cost someone a paycheck or a community jobs.  Increasingly, the first question after an ugly incident is “where does he work?”  Social media can immediately target a company or business if they employee a vile person who offends a segment of the community that is a source of revenue or business.

We can reverse engineer bitter situations.  In the middle of the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta’s business community earned the reputation as the city too busy to hate.  Of course, activists are often upset about valid issues but the ends don’t justify the means.  Hero to some is terrorist to others.  A community with a generally positive vibe attracts positive people and positive companies.  The lack of ugliness is a nice reflection on a community.  If your community keeps fighting the Civil War, you shouldn’t be surprised if a corporation views that as intolerant and takes their deep pockets elsewhere.

I also consider it “deep pockets” when a community has pockets of deep or woke people.  For example, Thomasville, Georgia, has a reputation of having intelligent Blacks or a cultured atmosphere in general.  It doesn’t hurt that Tallahassee is just across the state line.  Thomas County has a bitter past like any Georgia area but they have moved forward faster than most.  I won’t mention other area communities with as much wealthy as Thomasville but with a huge divide between the haves and the have-nots.

Our bitter roots are the root of continued problems because the plantation economy ended recently and without a fair reconciliation. You can call it inherited wealth while others view it as ill-gotten gains.  Much of the new hate/bitter speech we are experiencing is simply rooted in the majority fighting changing demographics.

But, we shouldn’t get it twisted.  Population statistics mean nothing if we can’t convert numbers into voters and voters into economic deep pockets.

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