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I am watching MSNBC and wishing that they don’t be come the left version of Fox News.  Keith Olberman and Bill O’Reilly are both journalists to me but Rachel Maddow is starting to smirk in a way that is as negative as those people on Fox in the morning—two wrong does not make….

Shep Smith, currently of Fox News, is going through some things with the far right because he has evidently grown weary of twisting the truth and pushing propaganda—good for you Shep.  It had to be Smith who announced that Obama was president on Fox News that night because anyone else’s head would have exploded.  I am no expert but there is a line between reporting the news and facts as a journalist and some form of news entertainment that doesn’t follow the appropriate code of reporting ethics.  (i.e. MSNBC’s the Ed Show.)

The one that gets me most of all is Michelle Malkin, blogger turn Fox News talking head.  She is clearly a bright woman who at some point decided she would write or say whatever took her to fame and fortune.  She puts me in the mind of southern political leaders from the last century who were raised loving their family housekeepers (who look like me) but would say the ugliest things about all members of my community who get ahead politically and get rich.  The type who made a tennis court out of the local swimming pool the day the order came that Blacks citizens had a right to dive-in.  That would be the same day I decide be a tennis player so thanks.  If they turn the court into a polo field, I give up.  

Like George Wallace, many of those so-called leaders would have a change of heart as their death approached; don’t want to explain that stuff before the pearly gates.  To be fair, the hate speakers who look like me often have their change of heart also.  A date with hell is a natural laxative.

Here something interesting: what is the first institution of higher education in America to admit Black students in 1835?  Michelle Malkin’s alma mater Oberlin College of Ohio.  But, they welcome her on-campus speaking dates because decent people like dialog and discourse.  

When you are pitifully poor (old school Black college term), some decision must be made and people weight their personal integrity against pending financial doom; what profits a man to gain the whole world…. 

This blog acknowledged John McCain’s efforts to dial down the rhetoric last year; rhetoric that would compel the sickest minds to get on a rooftop and turn their baseball caps backwards…you know the rest.  It’s good to be a moderate because the extremists on the far-left and far-right take recreational “hate speak” as a call to arms.  

Wolf, is there room in CNN’s Situation Room for a Shepard? 

Conservatives Attack Fox’s Shep Smith — Politics Daily

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