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Let me get this right: Michael Steele said that there is no reason for Blacks to vote for Republicans.  Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele, the brother with the nice ties–nice neckties and evidentially nice cultural ties to my community for telling speaking his mind to us. 

That’s the Michael Steele who we moderates supported as a U.S. Senate candidate and also the one who had a clear and solid message for our community as part of the moderate Republican group led by Christine Todd Whitman.  Today, the term “moderate Republican” has become as oxymoronic as the word bittersweet.  This news is bittersweet because many hopeful politicos wanted to see a cooperation-oriented division grow inside Steele’s conservative party.  We would have called them the Red Dogs but that isn’t going to happen.

I imagine an impressive group of African-American GOP congressional candidates across the nation.  Those candidates (many with nice credentials) are so busy trying to prove their far-right loyalty that they have minimized they opportunities with moderates.  In swing districts, the electorate is equally divided among the Left, the Right and the all-important Center.  New gains generated by the Tea Party Movement are counterbalanced by the Republican moderates who have been shown the door. 

I want to explain something about national leadership and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  It’s clear that the GOP strategy for taking the House back includes labeling the Dems as a group of San Francisco-style liberals because Pelosi is Speaker.  It might work but in reality, a national leader like Pelosi got there by listening to various segments in her party’s diverse caucus.  Without question, her progressive/liberals views cannot run the national party agenda because the Blue Dogs would bolt for the GOP. 

Oh yeah, I forgot that the GOP has moved so far Right (courtesy of Fox News) that moving across the aisle isn’t that simple or comfortable.   I appreciate Chairman Steele’s honesty because truthfully looking at a situation is the first step toward real understanding and solutions.  He would be a welcome addition to the center and should likely bring Charlie Crist with him.



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Watergate was an unnecessary mess because Nixon was winning anyway. In politics and policy, you have different layers and levels of involvement. The average American voters wants the nation to function better. Then, you have your issue activists and party enthusiasts who mean well but tend to get carried away and swear that the other side is never correct.

I am ticked-off with the Blue Dogs who supported Bush 41 and Bush 43 when these presidents were somewhat right yet those same conservative Democrats aren’t turning to the GOP members with whom they worked in the past and saying “come on fellows…not all of these ideas are bad.”

The most dramatic level of politics and policy would be the professionals who earn a living from the conflict—more mess, more money.  I am one southerner who has grown weary of fighting for fighting sake. 

To the people I know in the GOP, you can win in November on the issues but resorting to fear, hate and traditional ugliness is unbecoming and counterproductive.  Your team should notice how Rep. Paul Ryan, Mario Rubio and even Senator Isakson debate and voice opposition  constructively.  The worst-case scenario would be the continue use of techniques and methods similar to the hate-baiting from our past.  It is interesting that some of those “win at all cost” political leaders of the past had righteous transformation before going to glory and explain what they did for opportunistic purposes.  Of course, the same can be said about folks on our side.  To feed your family, a hater got to do what a hater got to do.

Earlier this year, President Obama told the both sides that they should be careful how they debate because the average Americans is going to start believing that they really hate each other.  Newsflash: they don’t; it’s political theater.  While they sincerely hate the issues and the growing debt, I don’t think there is a member of the Georgia congressional delegation who “hates” another member. 

The wildcard factor is the successful division of the media that “stays paid” from the conflict.  I want to say that I have recently learned that this division is not really journalists but some new form of political commentators for entertainment—Rush, Glenn, Michelle, Ed, Keith, Rachael.  (Thank you Glenn Beck for explaining it.)  Can the average American separate political entertainment from Cronkite-style journalism.  Cronkite and Brinkley would turn to another camera and the words “commentary” would appear across the bottom of the screen. 

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, they did a report about a coming RNC insider effort to drive donations with fear and boy won’t it work. But, playing this card from your sleeve is not needed when the cards in your hand are not that bad.  Can you see why centrists support the few sensible people on the Right?  The old Chinese proverb goes “it is better to light a single candle than curse the darkness.”


March 4: Msnbc’s Joe Scarborough offers his take on an RNC fundraising document, obtained by Politico, that encourages the use of “fear” and “negative feelings” to solicit donations.

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While joining the national honor society in college, the most studious member of the organization made us memorize what seemed like an ancient Asian proverb.  R.D.’s service to Albany State University as an administrator, a member of my honor society and a member of Omega did more to help young African Americans climbing the socioeconomic ladder than anyone will ever know. 


The proverb from Confucius, goes:

He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool – shun him.

He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a child – teach him.

He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep – wake him.

He who knows, and knows that he knows, is a wise man – follow him.


I think about that adage frequently when considering politics and governing and it came up this weekend.  


Former Tennessee GOP leader Chip Saltsman (who is a candidate for the RNC chairmanship) sent out a cd this Christmas featuting a song call “Barack the Magic Negro.”  First of all, parodies take place in politics all the time and at times lines are crossed.  I am still deciding if Saturday Night Live’s skit on New York Governor Paterson’s sight was over the line. Sarah Palin took some rough shots this year and President-elect Obama has displayed some cool toughness. 


“He who knows not and knows that he knows not” is becoming the motto for a branch of the right that seems to be saying “I am limited, know it and relish my ignorance.” This division of the right (they love Joe the Plumber) really wants to say “we are rural and our worldview is based on what we can see while sitting on the sofa on our front porch.”


We live in a free country and people have a right to be as smart or as something else as they like.  I live in a rural area that should not be equaled to unsophisticated since everyone in the cities yearns for weekends and retirement next to our idyllic lakes and rivers.


Message to the RNC: He who knows, and knows that he knows is a wise man – follow him….Newt Gingrich.  Since we are on Asian knowledge today, the Art of War recommended that you respect the strength and knowledge of all actors in the theater of war.  Obama, both Clintons and Gingrich are intelligential giants on policy and governing; notice that I wrote “policy and governing” rather than just “campaigning and politics” because winning elections is half the battle; actual governing is the hard part.   


Past RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman made every effort to make his party more inclusive but those attempts failed because many rank and file members want a party that only looks like them and they want a return to days past.  In my Black community, we also think about the days when family meant this, church and school did that, and young people were driving for excellency—pushing to be Kings, Huxtables and today Obamas.


I am reading a 1200 page book (okay, glancing parts) called “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” by Patricia Schultz.  The book lists on and off the beaten track sites and towns in the U.S. and Canada and reading it is part of my life-long endeavor to find to coolest town with like-minded people so I can put down roots and enjoy the rest of my life. 


As a Georgian, I naturally think that place is in Georgia or some part of South.  But when you find a great looking area, you might also finding that Joe the Plumber’s southern cousin is there with strong feelings about putting uppity folks in their place, or Pookie and Ray-Ray that eagerly waiting to make you a crime statistic. 


Americans who want a better America and world are wise but those who think it will come easily are naive.   My concern is that the loud ignorant divisions in our South will cost us economic opportunities and other regions will capitalize on this negative image.


Let’s hope that Newt will be an important part of the new leadership of the right because he is about solutions and his place in history rather that pushing drama for party or personal gain. 


African Americans could consider supporting GOP centrists who are dragging their party into the future—kicking and screaming.  Those on both extreme ends of the political spectrum who laughing about naughty political antics while the nation suffers are fools—shun them. 

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