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I am moderate Democrat and understand that Blue Dogs are moderate to conservative on some level. However, the latest campaign ad from Rep. Jim Marshall might have crossed the line.  The ad slams Speaker Pelosi more than she could possible deserve. 

The same Mrs. Pelosi who engineer the Democrat takeover of the House and helped the Obama/Biden ticket.  She is from San Francisco but her leadership isn’t ultra liberal, as some would have you think.  If she is so bad, why did Rep. Marshall vote for her for speaker?  Can he ask for Democrat votes while never admitting if he voted for Obama or McCain? 

If the ad say Marshall is supported by groups that wouldn’t have anything to do with a Pelosi supporter, what will become of those who wouldn’t have anything to do with a Nancy Pelosi slammer.  How does he feel about Rep. Steny Hoyer and Rep. Jim Clyburn of Pelosi’s leadership team.

While we are fighting to support real Democrats, several Dem freshmen members of Congress recently learned that funding support for their reelection might be pulled and redirected. They must be smart with cash for the final push but those brave freshmen that supported President Obama deserve help before a veteran like Marshall who brags about “voting the same as Republican leaders 65% of the time.”   Hear that sound, it the erosion of your base.

And I approved that message.


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Let me get this right: Michael Steele said that there is no reason for Blacks to vote for Republicans.  Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele, the brother with the nice ties–nice neckties and evidentially nice cultural ties to my community for telling speaking his mind to us. 

That’s the Michael Steele who we moderates supported as a U.S. Senate candidate and also the one who had a clear and solid message for our community as part of the moderate Republican group led by Christine Todd Whitman.  Today, the term “moderate Republican” has become as oxymoronic as the word bittersweet.  This news is bittersweet because many hopeful politicos wanted to see a cooperation-oriented division grow inside Steele’s conservative party.  We would have called them the Red Dogs but that isn’t going to happen.

I imagine an impressive group of African-American GOP congressional candidates across the nation.  Those candidates (many with nice credentials) are so busy trying to prove their far-right loyalty that they have minimized they opportunities with moderates.  In swing districts, the electorate is equally divided among the Left, the Right and the all-important Center.  New gains generated by the Tea Party Movement are counterbalanced by the Republican moderates who have been shown the door. 

I want to explain something about national leadership and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  It’s clear that the GOP strategy for taking the House back includes labeling the Dems as a group of San Francisco-style liberals because Pelosi is Speaker.  It might work but in reality, a national leader like Pelosi got there by listening to various segments in her party’s diverse caucus.  Without question, her progressive/liberals views cannot run the national party agenda because the Blue Dogs would bolt for the GOP. 

Oh yeah, I forgot that the GOP has moved so far Right (courtesy of Fox News) that moving across the aisle isn’t that simple or comfortable.   I appreciate Chairman Steele’s honesty because truthfully looking at a situation is the first step toward real understanding and solutions.  He would be a welcome addition to the center and should likely bring Charlie Crist with him.


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