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6. Are Moderates and Minorities being overlooked by the Conservatives?

I must hand it to the GOP; they are serious about purifying their ranks.  I wish we would do a little housekeeping on the Blue Team ourselves because anyone can put on a “D” jersey then slam President Obama all day long.  With friends like you, we don’t need the other political side.  On the national level and in Georgia, GOP moderates were forced to shape up or ship out.  Quick: name a Georgia GOP moderate leader?

That situation is a shame because national parties should have a range of thoughts at the discussion table.  If they keep that hardcore mentality, their suitability to lead a diverse superpower will be jeopardized.  In other words, that angry cowboy mentality is not healthy. 

Moderates and minorities are being pushed out as the Far Right elbows their way to the front.  Will they hold their position inside the GOP, departed to become Blue Dogs or chill as Independents in the center? I am not saying you got to go home but…..

7.  Are other nations receiving too much American time and resources while the homeland struggles?

We hear this question from regular folks in church parking lots and barber shops. As one of the only superpowers, the United States is involved in a range of activities around the world.  At some point, citizens wonder why we are building infrastructure overseas as bridges, road and schools crumble here.  Should they send HUD rather than DOD? 

To be fair, President Obama ran on a soft power foreign affairs platform that focused on bread over bullets.  I say teach a man to fish by exporting their agricultural knowledge.  That idea creates new markets for our farm equipment, Ag chemicals and seeds while improving other parts of the world so people will stop trying to come here.

8. Can the political Center create a more functional form of moderation?

Centrists aren’t confused or wishy washy people in the political middle.  Some people prefer public policy that includes good ideas from all sides.  Black southerners who vote have always been moderate to conservative.  Solutions for our community start in every individual home and center on personal decision making rather than governmental involvement. With public funding scarce, we must carry ourselves in a wiser manner–like the civil rights era folks did.  We should think about what they could have done with the opportunities we squander.


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