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President Obama is coming to Georgia for a list of events that include speaking to the National Convention of the Disabled American Veterans.  There is buzz down here about which politicians will be seen with the president as their elections approach. 

My friends and I are watching them closely because those congressional candidates who benefited from the Obama wave in 2008 should (we feel) be respectful or else. 

But not a veterans event….veterans….those who bore the battle.  With all the military bases we have in Georgia and the veterans who settled here, they must make that speech.  With troops in the field in two theaters of war, they could find their way into that arena.   This addresss will contain major policy points on medical matters.

It might not be about who was pictured with the President; it could be “where is your picture from the DAV convention.”  Rep. Bishop sits on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies so he is straight; but, I don’t see a Georgian on the House Veterans Affairs Committee.  Really?

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In my Black college dorm, we played Nineteen to death when we were nineteen and sworn that the “none of them received a hero’s welcome” part would never happen again.  We must appreciate the military and be prepared for their return to civilian life. 

A veteran once told me that the hero’s welcome part was  not true because they came back over time rather than at one time like World War II.  In D.C., the Desert Storm welcome home event included Nam Vets.  That was the best July 4th weekend ever.

I had to add Billy Joel’s Good Night Saigon.


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New G.I Bill

I like the new G.I. Bill because veterans and their families come first for obvious reasons.  When I think about all the money this nation spends around the world and the money we spend on knuckleheads committing crime, I wonder if we are first caring for those prepared to give what Lincoln termed “the last full measure of devotion.”

 If we are lucky, many of those well-disciplined veterans will become future teachers so they can be role models for some of the aimless youth and help restore order in the classrooms.    


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In this election year, we need to hear from African American families directly affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the surge and the plans of the next president.


Georgia active duty military, National Guard, reserves, veterans and families, please use this blog to say what is on your minds.  I want to start this discussion by saying that we support the troops in my community because so many of them are our fathers, mothers, son, and daughters.  For me that support includes monitoring the White House to make sure that war plans and actions make common sense. 


The military has long provided an opportunity for minority upward mobility and a ticket away from southern suppression but, today the South is the place to be and governmental leaders are quick to send troops into harm’s way.  They say veterans are the most cautious Americans when it comes to declaring war.  I get chills when I think that south Georgia soldiers were facing fire for freedom in Vietnam and their mothers could not order a piece of pie at Woolworth’s—He brought us from a mighty long way. 


Let’s start this thread with a list of possible topics:


  1. Is the surge working?
  2. Are we spending money building infrastructure in Iraq that should be spent in America?
  3. Would McCain or Obama be better for military families?
  4. Can someone be an effective commander in chief without military experience? i.e. Obama, Palin
  5. Are African American military personnel and their families offended when extremists question the Obamas patriotism?
  6. Do military families sometimes feel that they signed up for defense and not nation building? Is national building part of denfense?
  7. Are African American military personnel generally politically conservative?
  8. Are defense contractors positive or negative to military missions in war zones?
  9. Can we agree that we should ignore collateral damage if we get absolute intel that Bin Laden is in a house or building.   
  10. Do people around the world dislike Americans in general or our governmental and cooperate leaders actions in particular?

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