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Anyone familiar with the Black conservative efforts nationally knows Don Scoggins of Maryland.  Mr. Scoggins is about as GOP as you can get; but, I received the following today.  Hats off to Don for putting country over party by voting for Obama/Biden and I hope that a better GOP mergers from this election process.     




Obama Saves the GOP


Without question next week American voters will participate in the undisputed most historic presidential election ever.


Unfortunately – though it should be no surprise – because one candidate is black and the other white race not political ideology, has become the predominant theme and sorry to say the unavoidable bugaboo of this election.


Discounting skin color and politics, factors most people consider worthy attributes for White House aspirants are personal character, superb communication skills, intellectual prowess, mental acuity, serene of temperament, ability to lead and presidential bearing.  


Acknowledging these perilous times facing our country today the person elected the next president should also embody an ability to inspire people, encouraging them to do for themselves what this nation cannot and must not do for them.


Many folks come up to me asking who I will support this year given my over forty years of staunch GOP activism, conservative leanings and the fact of being black. Candidly I became very apathetic towards this election after my initial preferences, Fred Thompson and then Mike Huckabee failed to win the Republican Party nomination.


Always active during presidential elections and wanting some how to make a difference this year I began to wonder who could best lead this nation and also help restore the GOP to its once enviable reputation as a world class political party. To arrive at some kind of decision required some major thinking outside the box or better yet, building a box.  


Great credit should be accorded Senator John McCain and his fellow Vietnam prisoners of war three decades ago, however after considering many years of public life with an inconsistent record of racial inclusiveness and weak GOP credentials Senator John McCain at this time is not the person our country needs leading it. Voting third party or for a liberal was out of the question.


After much soul searching and conceding not agreeing totally with his political views I concluded Senator Barack Obama is the person most fitting to lead the U. S. and reinvigorate the GOP.


Just as happened during the twelve years of Reagan/Bush out of the White House the Democratic Party came back very united and wiser. One day the GOP will rebound too, more inclusive, united, and principled – steadfast adhering to its much heralded founding precepts.   


My decision also honors others no longer with us – black and white who gave their lives advocating for civil rights at home, preserving opportunities for those who apply themselves regardless of familial status, race, color or creed.


Who else this election year has so captured the nation bringing millions of new voters into the political process? No one else has.  


I have nothing to lose and everything to gain differing with my beloved Republican Party.



Don Scoggins, Prince William County resident, local and national Republican Party activist.


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