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If the next White House and Congress will be better than the current, we must make every effort to quash bickering and party politics so common ground can found.  African Americans who are familiar with official Washington know that we should diversify our political portfolio by supporting sensible Republicans.  Obama and McCain have plans to finally bridge the partisan divide if elected.  


In the rural South, we don’t trust parties much because the Dixiecrat Democrats fought against African Americans’ basic rights for years and Republicans’ core conservative principles have taken a backseat to the “politics of fear.” 


The key to Republican candidates improving their numbers with African American voters centers on not turning us into Republicans but getting African Americans who generally vote for Democrats to occasionally vote for particular Republicans.  For example, Obama is constantly talking about “and a few Republicans” –read the code.  To me, he is appealing to his supporters to be clever and put a few Republicans in the House and Senate who will negotiate and debate with the best interest of the nation in mind. 


In Georgia, Senators Chambliss and Isakson have reached across the aisle to work with moderate Democrats on immigration, agriculture and energy issues.  Every far right supporter they lose should be replaced with four centrist African Americans.  Isakson’s smooth brand of conservatism should be the model for the next generation of southern Republicans.  Obama supporters should remember that Jim Martin—Chambliss’s opponent- beat African American Vernon Jones in the primary by highlighting Jones’ bipartisan record (I think Jones will vote for Saxby Chambliss.)  


Jones would have worked day and night to energize new voters and could have won Georgia for Obama/Biden.  The presidential election could have been swayed by Macon Congressman Jim Marshall supporting Obama/Biden on the zillion ads he is running from suburban Atlanta to the Florida panhandle.  Democrat Marshall might have been the difference in Florida because his ads radiate as far south as Gainesville but the national Democrats evidently gave him a pass.  Republicans across the nation should be calling attention to the race between Rick Goddard and Jim Marshall because a new Republican is better than a Democrat who ignores our historic efforts. 


Georgia Republican Congressman Paul Broun of Athens won a special election last year by personally seeking a percentage of the African American vote than Republican strategists considered unobtainable.   The first rule of American politics is that people like to be asked.  Because the Republicans control the Governor’s mansion and both state legislative houses, an occasional nod to their candidates would be wise.


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Have you seen the bumper sticker “Mess with me, mess with the whole trailer park”?   Well, mess with Gwen Ifill and you mess with me because she is clearly a good person.  When Don Imus called her the cleaning lady covering the White House, she personified grace and dignity with her handling of the matter.  Now, extremists eager to find any angle to influence the presidential election content that Ifill will moderate the Vice-President candidates debate in a way that will help her promote a book she is writing about Blacks in politics.


Enough.  Stop the madness. Kenny Rogers’s song “the Gambler” had a line that said, “Son, I have made a life out of reading people’s face; Knowing what their cards are by the way they hold their eyes and if you don’t mind me saying, I can see you’re out of aces.”


Country people can read eyes and faces, and I see that Gwen Ifill (like Arthur Ashe and Colin Powell) is salt of the earth.  Because her late father was an AME Church Minister, this meek woman should read the Beatitudes today because she will inherit the earth—not trampled underfoot by men.  Okay, I listened in AME Sunday School a little as a kid because the teacher was pretty. President Reagan spoke of America as a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere—also from Matthew.  The world is watching as the swift-boating begins from both sides.


As we enter into the final stage of this election year, I read in the faces of Obama and McCain that they find the party bickering and bitterness distasteful.  One man will be president and the other one will buck his party by being a positive senator.  Like most African Americans, I am a Democrat but I support the sensible division of the Republican Party. 


I told a local Republican that voted for him and he smiled while saying, “I am unopposed.”  Let’s support GOP candidates when possible or when they are simply better, because improving both major parties reduces extremism on both ends of the political spectrum.    

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In this election year, we need to hear from African American families directly affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the surge and the plans of the next president.


Georgia active duty military, National Guard, reserves, veterans and families, please use this blog to say what is on your minds.  I want to start this discussion by saying that we support the troops in my community because so many of them are our fathers, mothers, son, and daughters.  For me that support includes monitoring the White House to make sure that war plans and actions make common sense. 


The military has long provided an opportunity for minority upward mobility and a ticket away from southern suppression but, today the South is the place to be and governmental leaders are quick to send troops into harm’s way.  They say veterans are the most cautious Americans when it comes to declaring war.  I get chills when I think that south Georgia soldiers were facing fire for freedom in Vietnam and their mothers could not order a piece of pie at Woolworth’s—He brought us from a mighty long way. 


Let’s start this thread with a list of possible topics:


  1. Is the surge working?
  2. Are we spending money building infrastructure in Iraq that should be spent in America?
  3. Would McCain or Obama be better for military families?
  4. Can someone be an effective commander in chief without military experience? i.e. Obama, Palin
  5. Are African American military personnel and their families offended when extremists question the Obamas patriotism?
  6. Do military families sometimes feel that they signed up for defense and not nation building? Is national building part of denfense?
  7. Are African American military personnel generally politically conservative?
  8. Are defense contractors positive or negative to military missions in war zones?
  9. Can we agree that we should ignore collateral damage if we get absolute intel that Bin Laden is in a house or building.   
  10. Do people around the world dislike Americans in general or our governmental and cooperate leaders actions in particular?

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"Hey, Where's Rep. Jim Marshall??

Find Rep. Jim Marshall in this picture…I’ll wait… 

I received the following article about African American GOP activist Yvonne Davis and the 2008 RNC Convention.  I think she is upset that she is not on the A-list anymore.  She writes about the past RNC conventions with many African Americans on the stage but I remember people questioning why that was the case but few African American faces were in the seats.  You can’t please everyone all of the time and I got calls during the 2008 DNC Convention about the lack of AA speakers. Of course, I said be quiet and wait for the last speaker.


I give the McCain and Obama teams credit for being real; the stage should reflect the hall and hall should reflect the party.  Peace to Ms. Davis and other Republicans for Obama and peace to Democrats for McCain—come out of the closet; it’s a free country. 















Yvonne Davis: GOP turns its back on black constituents – MontereyHerald.com :











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U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman said it right Tuesday night when he addressed the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. “So tonight, I ask you whether you are an independent, a Reagan Democrat or a Clinton Democrat, or just a Democrat: This year, when you vote for president, vote for the person you believe is best for the country, not for the party you happen to belong to.”

I couldn’t have worded that better myself. As an Independent who leans conservative, the notion that one simply believes he/she must vote for a person because of the Political Party is antiquated. We’re in a change political climate like something we’ve never seen in our lifetime. There’s a change factor on the Democratic and Republican side. And I love it.

I believe all politics is local. The State and local races in the State of Georgia are equally, and really, in my opinion, more important than the Presidential race. Why can’t an African-American who considers himself a Democrat look at what U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss has accomplished and if satisfied, vote for him. I think it is irresponsible for someone to simply go to the polls and vote for the person just because of their Political Party. Remember in the General Election, you can vote Democrat and Republican without repercussion.

Oh, yes I forgot. Some folks feel they will be ostracized if he votes for a Republican. That is ridiculous too. But when you get in the voting booth, the only one who knows, besides you, is God.

I urge African-American voters to become more informed. Take heed to Senator Lieberman remarks and think about how logical it sounds. Logical, in politics, that’s something new, right? But serious.

And the idea of Congressman Marshall, who has Republican opposition, by the way, made a decision to stay in his district and NOT attend the Democratic Convention tells me that African-American voters need to take a look at the other candidate. But sadly many people will complain that this sitting Congressman didn’t even make a cameo appearance, almost like he is ‘dissing’ Senator Barack Obama….but then will go back to the polls again, because you’ve ‘always voted for Democrats,’ and vote for him anyway.

Now does that make any sense to you?

Become an Independent Thinker. Don’t let tradition keep you from being the change agent that both presidential camps are running on. You can become a part of the change, by changing the way you think about voting for candidates. Remember what Senator Lieberman said…..


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