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Have you seen the bumper sticker “Mess with me, mess with the whole trailer park”?   Well, mess with Gwen Ifill and you mess with me because she is clearly a good person.  When Don Imus called her the cleaning lady covering the White House, she personified grace and dignity with her handling of the matter.  Now, extremists eager to find any angle to influence the presidential election content that Ifill will moderate the Vice-President candidates debate in a way that will help her promote a book she is writing about Blacks in politics.


Enough.  Stop the madness. Kenny Rogers’s song “the Gambler” had a line that said, “Son, I have made a life out of reading people’s face; Knowing what their cards are by the way they hold their eyes and if you don’t mind me saying, I can see you’re out of aces.”


Country people can read eyes and faces, and I see that Gwen Ifill (like Arthur Ashe and Colin Powell) is salt of the earth.  Because her late father was an AME Church Minister, this meek woman should read the Beatitudes today because she will inherit the earth—not trampled underfoot by men.  Okay, I listened in AME Sunday School a little as a kid because the teacher was pretty. President Reagan spoke of America as a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere—also from Matthew.  The world is watching as the swift-boating begins from both sides.


As we enter into the final stage of this election year, I read in the faces of Obama and McCain that they find the party bickering and bitterness distasteful.  One man will be president and the other one will buck his party by being a positive senator.  Like most African Americans, I am a Democrat but I support the sensible division of the Republican Party. 


I told a local Republican that voted for him and he smiled while saying, “I am unopposed.”  Let’s support GOP candidates when possible or when they are simply better, because improving both major parties reduces extremism on both ends of the political spectrum.    


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