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The Blue Dogs are sitting pretty these days despite the heat from the summer protests because certain elements are pulling the Right too far right.  The success of the Tea Parties could produce a third party movement rather than new numbers for the GOP. We in the center would be more inclined to stick with the Blue Dog Democrats because a movement head by the right-wing talk machine would not be a comfortable place for us.

Senator Graham’s recent comments on the political climate and Senator McCain’s moderate candidates support is “right” on time.  That’s how genteel senators carry themselves when properly opposing a former colleague in the White House. To be honest, the same can be said about Georgia Senator Isakson but don’t let that get out—he is up for reelection and must secure the “pea-nutty” part of his Georgia base.   

The political plot thickens because there are a few African American women in Georgia who would make excellent GOP members of Congress in the right situation and political climate.  Will Graham and McCain commandeering the climate controls?  Time will tell but most on the Right like it hot.     

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