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What should those who will likely vote for President Obama do between now and when? I am personally watching the GOP nomination contest and thinking about voting in that primary for the candidate I could see in the White House.

Yes, yes, I know that conventional wisdom dictates that Obama supporters should be cheering for the zaniest Republican—someone the president will have an easier chance of beating in November 2012.  But, this situation isn’t a game and it’s no joke.  The economic future of the nation is in the balance and candidate Obama said that he should be fired if the country didn’t improve (I still hope it does and I would have hoped for the same thing if McCain was in White House.) 

If unemployment is over 9% and gas over $4.00 a gallon, my man might be  bounced and he understands that.  At that point, moderates could be saying that we should have paid more attention to the GOP field.

(I am on hold with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office to ask if I can pick the R or D ballot in the presidential primary…I think I can.)

In Georgia back in the day, some Republicans in Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s congressional district decided that voting in the Democratic primary was the only way to get her and her really liberal views out of congress.  Denise Majette was elected and while she was no conservative, she was more reasonable on Georgia issues than her predecessor.  Thanks to the Georgia GOP for that example and we should consider doing the same thing.  President Obama is such a good person that he would want the best person in the office if it isn’t him. 

On the other hand, that time and energy could be spent getting out the Democrat vote because a heavy turnout could win Georgia for Obama and we know several states that he won in 2008 need to be replaced.

(I am still on hold with the S of S’s office….must be furlough days.)


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Jon Huntsman’s candidacy helps the political arena because he serves as foil to the other GOPers in the race for the White House.  If I remember correctly from junior high lit class, foil is a character who contrasts with another character to highlight features of that character’s personality…i.e. Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes…Morris Day to Prince….Dirk to LeBron.

Huntsman, President Obama’s former ambassador to China,  is smart and level-headed has little chance of coming out of the GOP primary.  Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels or Huntman could secure a sizeable part of the Center voting bloc but my friends on the far Right don’t want to vote for anyone who the Middle find acceptable.    

To be honest, cool Huntsman puts me in the mind of Barrack Obama–they might be cousins.  If President Obama wins reelection, the GOP should know that they could have had a reasonable, non-pissed candidate that centrists could have supported but they looked elsewhere.  Many Democrats thought it was Hillary’s turn and that she was the type tough leader that the nation needed but we knew that the Clinton legacy was a two-edged sword that might motivate some to support the GOP nominee.  Senator Ted Kennedy often said a half a loaf is better than no loaf.  Well, some folks want the whole loaf or nothing.  Huntsman’s demeanor on the debate stage is welcome by some Democrats and if he happens to win the White House, the nation could have done worst.

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