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Rep. Jim Marshall will not be at the historic Obama acceptance speech in Denver.  I want to give Marshall the benefit of the doubt because he just returned from his 15th trip to visit our troops—including middle Georgia soldiers.  But, I wondered if he asked to take the trip during this time so he could avoid being with those “liberal” Democrats in Denver.


The party welcomes the Blue Dogs and other conservatives but Marshall needs to get on the next thing smoking toward Denver or get that “Branded” treatment like Chuck Connors’ character got back in the day. 


Remember, the Democrats are looking to pickup 12 to 20 seats in the House—they could make an example of Marshall; and President Obama could use a respectful McCain-type maverick Republican in the House.


But, I learned today that Marshall is back with enough time to fly to Denver for this historic event in African-American history.  So if you put the party stuff to the side, if African Americans overwhelmingly vote for Jim Marshall shouldn’t he at least attend the Invesco Field Obama speech for the historic significance.


My friends and I have been debating the top three events in African-American history.  For me, the list goes:


1.     The Emancipation Proclamation

2.     Dr. King’s I Have A Dream Speech

3.     Obama’s Invesco Acceptance Speech


If Senator Obama were sworn in as President, that event would jump to number 2 on my list. 


When I read that Marshall was skipping, my mouth dropped open and I had a two seconds blink.  After Senator Clinton brought that fire last night and with Biden and Bill Clinton on deck, how could anyone who loves policy debate blow-off a Super delegate pass to all of this.


It wasn’t easy for Rep. Bishop and Rep. Barrow to endorse Obama from their districts. Neither for the Georgia GOP congressional delegation to get behind moderate McCain as their second or third choice.  So, why can’t Marshall decide?


I am moderate Democrat who supported Herman Cain for Senate a few years ago because his conservative voice should be heard around the African American table and his African American voice should be heard around the republican table.   Cain wrote a book titled “They Think You’re Stupid.”  Well, Marshall must think Ds in his district are stupid if they will let him skip these historic speeches without a detailed explanation. 


I could be wrong, so let’s have this discussion. 

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