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I thought that headline would get your attention. And I’m sure it did. Of course, I want you to vote for a candidate for the office of President of the United States. But I wonder. I just wonder how many of you know of anyone else’s name and/or seat that is on the ballot this year. Gotcha’. A vote for the President is not going to impact you as much as voting for a local or state seat. Or even Congress for that matter. We’re focusing so much on the Presidency, that I have a feeling many people will go to the polls and vote for the first item on the ballot (President) and then leave. And that’s a shame. Why don’t you check with your local Board of Elections and get a sample ballot. You might be surprised to see there are Congressional races, local county and/or city commission races, U.S. House of Representatives, Judge seats, Sheriff, or even Board of Education.

Let’s take the time to focus on the races that really matter. These are folks you might see at your local grocery store, a community event, a local high school football game or even your place of worship. 

These are individuals who have made a commitment to serve in a public office, and they deserve your respect AND your vote.


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