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Sowing the Seeds

Two wars, Wall Street failing, gas as high as a kite, economy on life support and someone wants to talk about Charles Keating and William Ayers.  My birthday was the day after Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner were killed in Mississippi by domestic terrorists in 1964.  For most of my southern childhood, the possibility of terrorists with hoods and/or badges loomed as we slept.  Folks would say after 911 that their children are not safe in their own beds in America and African Americans would think, “join the club.”  It is interesting that the new domestic terrorists in our community looks like us and desperately needed a belt on their backside from their parents growing up and need belts on their pants now.


As for Senator McCain’s history with Charles Keating, those claims don’t pass the smell test either.  Every congressman has helped someone who turned out to be shady.  Let’s measure the integrity of Georgia’s congressmen and candidates by monitoring who stays on substantive issues and who “totes” water for their team by pushing these distracting talking points.  We should reward character with our support.


Clearly, sowing the seeds of love improves our nation rather than the politics of fear.  We should export agricultural technology and practices that teaches developing nations to feed themselves and produce renewable energy—you get more people with honey.  Planting negative thoughts in voters should limited because you reap what you sow. 


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