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I did not want to waste time and energy on this mess but since it is taking concentration away from the real issues, let’s do this.


I was wrong. I heard that Rep. Westmoreland called the Obamas uppity and my head dropped.  Westmoreland actually said that the Obamas are part of “an elitist-class individual that think they’re uppity.”  Honestly, the statement primarily focuses on elite and not just African American elite. 


But, the focus should be on “think” because that one word changes the statement all together.  If I am calling you uppity, that is one thing; but if I say you “think” you are uppity, I am saying you are not uppity but you have a false sense of superiority.  Like a woman saying about another woman, “she thinks she is fine.”


Lynn Westmoreland has been around actual uppity African Americans—the Obamas are salt of the earth but I hope one day to be successful enough to play 18 at that Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Weekend and bump elbows with the uppity Black elite whom W.E.B. Dubois termed the “talented 10th.”  Westmoreland defeated Dylan Glenn, prep school and Davidson College grad and one uppity brother on the real.  Speaker Gingrich supported Glenn’s candidacy fully in an effort to expand their party.  But to me, most GOPers like their camp “as is” and are guarded about their ranks.


The Bush White House strengthened Glenn’s governmental experience with several important appointments.  In the GPTV debate, Glenn pulled a sweet move by asking Westmoreland which committee in the House would receive a tax bill.  Westmoreland said, “the Committee on Taxation” rather than Ways and Means.  Glenn pounced on the response and Westmoreland gave him a look liked he was thinking “you uppity so and so.”


But, Westmoreland got the last laugh because the people in that district must have been thinking “Newt is not going to send that young guy down here to beat up on our guy.”

The end justifies the ways and means.


Candidate Rick Goddard’s defense of Newt from an interview with an African American reporter is a different matter. Newt was in his element; Newt being Newt like Manny being Manny for baseball fans.  Newt is one of the craftiest debaters in American history and he has the magical ability to convince the people of all kind of stuff.  I watched that interview live and I could see two things in Newt’s eyes: Newt did not half believe his argument himself and that that reporter going against Newt was like going bear hunting with a switch. 


Goddard backing Newt was noble but Newt must have said to Goddard “I got this, you should moderate your vibe and win that seat.” 


Memo to Goddard: you already have like 97% of the GOP voters and Palin might help you get some PUMA/Hillary supporters; avoid the hard-line rhetoric, pick up some “Marshall dissed Obama” folks and you could win this thing.  (I must admit that two years from now a real Democrat will be running against you.)


A page and dozens of typos later let me finish with one real example of uppity.  One of the most positive people of my lifetime is positioned to become president from our party and Rep. Jim Marshall is to good to fly to Denver to listen to him speak.  That’s uppity.


One thing I have learned from Governor Palin during the hours she has been on the national stage is the importance of “thinning the herd.” P.E.’s rap anthem from the movie “Do the Right Thing” opened with the quote:  


“Yet our best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared troops refuse to fight! Matter of fact, it’s safe to say that they would rather switch than fight!”


Princeton grad Rep. Marshall needs to stop being truly uppity and get with Obama/Biden before talk turns to Democrat  herd thinning.  (Who in Macon or Tifton will be ready in 2010)


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Some people treat politics and sports like similar activities.


Georgia v. Georgia Tech

Morehouse v. Clark AU

Fort Valley v. Albany State


These are games…. friendly rivalries…

But, politics and the selection of policymakers are real.  So whether a candidate has a D or a R on his jersey, give some consideration to what that person has done or would do for your community.  This writer thinks it is ridiculous that some  Georgia congressmen break their necks to serve the whole community, catch heat for it from their national party and still face opposition.  Really.


Which Georgia congressmen get Congressional Black Caucus support for the Farm Bill? Hint: do they have a R or D on their jerseys.


Which Georgia congressmen support the Georgia ports while protecting our fragile coastline?   Again, R or D, or both.


Which ones fight to keep our state’s military bases?   


Folks can bicker all they want but smart states don’t recreationally slam responsive leaders.  Think about it, that isn’t the southern way of doing things.


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