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Some people treat politics and sports like similar activities.


Georgia v. Georgia Tech

Morehouse v. Clark AU

Fort Valley v. Albany State


These are games…. friendly rivalries…

But, politics and the selection of policymakers are real.  So whether a candidate has a D or a R on his jersey, give some consideration to what that person has done or would do for your community.  This writer thinks it is ridiculous that some  Georgia congressmen break their necks to serve the whole community, catch heat for it from their national party and still face opposition.  Really.


Which Georgia congressmen get Congressional Black Caucus support for the Farm Bill? Hint: do they have a R or D on their jerseys.


Which Georgia congressmen support the Georgia ports while protecting our fragile coastline?   Again, R or D, or both.


Which ones fight to keep our state’s military bases?   


Folks can bicker all they want but smart states don’t recreationally slam responsive leaders.  Think about it, that isn’t the southern way of doing things.



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