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What in the world could get Obama supporters voting this election season?  Watching Fox Cable News for one hour.  That’s it; I have done it again and gratis I unfortunately add. 

The word unbeknownst comes up in conversational English rarely but many southerners work with people who “unbeknownst” to their neighbors are being brainwashed by the Rightwing media.  We aren’t talking about extremists or separatists; I am referring to average hardworking Americans who have been whipped into a frenzy by a constant dosage of well-crafted propaganda designed to pit Americans against Americans and drive T.V. and radio ratings.  Dig this: the ultimate goal isn’t necessarily winning elections.  The goal is getting gold..staying paid.

The propaganda is rooted in truth but amplified to a dangerous level.  For example, we all had radical phases in college but had to back off that “knowledge and wisdom” before we went too far.  Too much Public Enemy would make you slap someone and like get shot with a deer rifle.  (Flava Fav is dating whom again…and Ice Cube is America’s dad.)  

On the morning after the talent rich Atlanta Braves ended another season without a championship, the talent rich Democrats wonder why we can’t win when obviously helping hard-working people weather a rough economic storm.  It’s because Fox Cable News has twisted voters’ minds so well.  Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are collectively the anti-Christ or something.  Those people at Fox know what they are doing and they are very good at it. 

If you voted for Obama/Biden, you should have someone ducttape you to a chair that is out of arms’reach from the remote control and watch the national Fox cable channel for one hour.  The methods and ugliness of that channel will close the enthusiasm gap with a quickness and make you vote.  If not, you are doing the president wrong by voting for him but being ghost when the heavy lifting starts; he can’t do it alone.  The cats on Fox News are smart people and they know deep inside that Obama isn’t the things they are saying.  To be fair, MSNBC is fast becoming a Left version of Fox so turn to CNN and toss the remote out of the window.  

For the college kids, watching Fox News could be a new drinking game; take a shot every time you say “Say what” “Dam” or “Nasty.”  The Tea Party type Republicans aren’t your daddy’s GOP and as freshmen members of congress they would commandeer that party like the inmates running the asylum.


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5 min.Early vote

Grown folks knew what is happening was going to happen when we elected President Obama.  They said that the same people who cheered and jumped up and down would be the same people who did vote in the midterm elections. 

I can see it in the First Lady’s face; a face that looks like mine.  She is telling him, “remember when I said you can run only with the understanding that if it doesn’t work, if the nation doesn’t want or appreciate us….we walk away.”  She looks like she is thinking, “we don’t need this mess.” 

Oh, do we need them. We need her to cut loose and tough talk with regular Americans about what we can do to improve our situation with the moderation, planning, focus and deliberation that made the Robinson family successful. 

She could create a new moderation that opens the door for moderates being shown the door by the far right.  The emergence of these new moderates gives a voice to those who read Hill Harper, Bill Cosby and Joe Scarborough books. The Blue Dogs were correct all along and that’s why the crafty cats on the far Right want them gone; no moderate Democrats mean the Democrat Party is primary liberal and an easier target in 2012. 

But, first things first: vote in the midterm.  In Georgia, a 2010 vote is more important than your 2008 vote.  A very vocal and energetic segment of population has ginned up voters with a desire to take over the congress from the Democrats and even the Republicans.  Yes, the far Right section of conservative side is looking at the regular Republicans as if to say “this is how you do it” and you know what they do if you are over 40 years old.

Grown folks, we need to talk.  After we talk, we need to call, email, text, tweet or whatever whose under 30 and tell them (not ask them) to vote.  The Republicans have a few quality guys who might be president in the future—Rep. Paul Ryan and Governor Mitch Daniels come to mind.  But, this midterm election is the  next step in the Palin for president plan and her Tea Party congressional candidates will be spending the next two years graying the rest of Obama’s hair with subpoenas and impeachment efforts.

We shouldn’t hate on those who use “any means necessary” to stop an agenda they dislike because they couldn’t do it if regular folks would take 10 minutes to early vote.  By any means necessary (cookout, Sunday dinner, half-time talk at the high school football games), we should remind our community to vote.  Early vote or the Obama presidency effectively ends early–not four years but two years when he should have eight.

You might as well dust off your 70s vinyl because we are about to go back to the future next month if you we don’t vote.  I am listening to that haunting R&B flute with fond memories of the past but also clear recollections of our community being voiceless and the South being a powder keg.  By mid November, reasonable people will be saying “I want my country back”  when referring to last month.

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I was in a discussion this weekend about the worst-case scenarios for election night in November; the situations and outcomes that should have been debated and considered now. 

Lately, the GOP in Georgia has been taking heat in my community because African American (AA) candidates Dr. Deborah Honeycutt and Melvin Everson couldn’t make it out of their primaries; the GOP voters spoke and the message bounced from GA to DC. 

Former Governor Roy Barnes, who beat a field that included long-time Attorney General Thurbert Baker, heads the Democrat big ticket.  The Black community supported Barnes for governor over African American Baker because they thought he had the best chance of winning.  Frankly, a Black president and a Black governor at the same time just weren’t going to happen in the Deep South.

Barnes’ strategy seems to center on adding White moderates to the Dem base.  But courting the center requires running from President Obama and national Democrats.  Once again, the base gets taken for granted.  Barnes and conservative Democrat Jim  Marshall are slamming Obama’s health care reform with a risky passion but hey, what can the AA voters do since they won’t vote for the GOP candidate? The wild card in the race is Libertarian John Monds who is a Morehouse Man and Omega Psi Phi just might get enough votes to tip the election. 

The big Dem ticket includes AA candidates Michael Thurmond, U.S. Senate; Darryl Hicks, Secretary of Labor; and Georganna Sinkfield, Secretary of State.  While I think every candidate runs to win, my friends feel these candidates real value is to get out the Black vote and to help Roy Barnes secure the Governorship. 

We must read the signs…literally.  If you see a campaign yard sign for the GOP candidate for governor, you also see a cluster of other GOP signs.  The same situation is true on the Dem side in my community.  On the other side of town in areas of people who don’t look like me, you see Barnes signs and that’s it. 

In other words, the White support Barnes will receive could only be for Barnes, the White and Black congressional Blue Dogs and that’s it.  Is it every man for himself?  The Dem ticket is D.O.A. without new voters who love President Obama and we are noticing the slighting he is receiving from his team. 

That slighting seems to justify the vigorous campaign for Sanford Bishop’s seat.  Okay, let me get this right: one of the most conservative Black members of Congress gets the biggest target.  Mind you, Rep. Jim Marshall’s district was won by John McCain in 2008 and Austin Scott, the GOP candidate against Marshall, has a functional relationship with Blacks in his district and Blacks in the state legislature.  Bishop must be flattered because the GOP really wants to remove a moderate CBC member so that the CBC will be as liberal as possible as they prep for 2012.  The GOP is good at being bad. Dam good.  Marshall isn’t catching the heat that some Blue Dogs are experiencing because he remembers Polonius’ speech from Hamlet—To thy ownself be true- and he votes “no” on major Dem legislation before bragging about it back home.  They must think real Democrats won’t notice. 

The worst-case scenario would be that all of the big ticket Blacks will end up having a bad election night while Marshall and Barnes win.  If the governor’s race goes into a runoff, you can best believe my community would not come back out.  Barnes is a smart guy and has time to adjust his approach.  I am going to need President Obama himself to personal explain why we should care about Marshall. 

Another worst-case scenario would be far Right conservatives taking over the congress; people who have little involvement or past interaction with folks different than them.  On Meet the Press today, David Gregory played an old clip of Rudy Giuliani talking about the big tent that is the GOP and their numerous moderates.  When asked if that was still the case, Giuliani didn’t have much to say.  Rep. Jack Kingston under congress as a firebrand in the early 1990s but the tide as changed so much that GOP Rep. Bob Inglis of South Carolina, who lost to a Tea Party candidate, rightly points out that Kingston is now one of the only the voices of reason in South congressional politics. 

On the bright side, President Obama’s White House might be pulled toward the center after election night or maybe before.

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Cliff Claiborne on Cheers and Daymon Wayans’ character on In Living Color were the best conspiracy theorists in T.V. history.  Daymon could have a field day on First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain. 

“See, my brother..the plan was put in place hundreds of years ago. Ergo, we were brought to the shores in the hulls of ships..you see..but Kunta Kente never forgot his Islamic roots and held Kizzie up to the east at midnight…understand…because the Moors, who occupied Spain for years but it’s not in the (His)tory text books, prayed to the east as the descendants of Abraham’s other son.”

“But the Knights Templar didn’t decode the messages in the Moorish-Spanish tiles that HGTV recommends be added as an exotic touch to suburban kitchens.  Unbeknownst to the untrained eye, a couple meets in Chicago and starts the reign of power planted as a seed years ago.  So, what seems like a touristy jaunt to Espana for paella is actually fulfillment of the circle..hear me.  As dynasties collide, the future leader of the free world goes to read and decipher those Moorish tiles and stymie the House of Bush’s alliance with the House of Saudi…Harvard v. Yale…and we are mere pawns in a globe chess match that has lasted ages…and stay mindful of  recent new beginnings in the House of Little Rock. ”

That was a fun exercise while waiting for the runoff polls to close in Georgia.  But, some nuts out there would actually believe this mambo jumbo.  As we approach the midterm elections, common sense is the best guide to “decipher” the agendas of those in the political arena.  At the end of the day, people should do what is right for them and arrive at logical conclusions with their regions and wallets in mind. 

Black folks can read it in the First Lady’s eyes: she has had it with fake smiles, life in the fish bowl and people slamming her good man.  The “Blame Bush” approach is not consistent with Obama natural style and his White House team needs some adjusting.  I say let Mrs. Obama be herself on the trail this Fall because she has a low tolerance for ignorance and self-pity.  Dr. Condi Rice is really a moderate and Mrs. Obama is really moderate to conservative from the “Do-for-self” school of thought.  She is the best conservative in the White House but consevatives are too busy tripping to see it.

As a side note, ABC had a show called “Life on Mars” than I watched because Lisa Bonet had a small role.  Brothers from the 80s still support the women from the Cosby Show and A Different World—as Ludadcris said, even Rudy Huxtable is all grownup and a Spelman Delta.  If you didn’t grow up where and when I did, you couldn’t imagine the feelings of seeing a real Huxtable family in the White House.  Then again, I can imagine what some friends think is the ultimate plans for a new world order. 

On the finale of Life on Mars, it was revealed that the main character was dreaming during an Earth to Mars flight in 2035.  Upon awakening, the astronauts were told that President Obama wanted to be in the control room but her father was ill so she and her sister went to Chicago.  Moorish tiles?  Who did she beat?  Senator Prescott Bush or Mr. Clinton R. Mezvinsky.

Life On Mars/Obama at 1:45

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In the Fall, Georgia should have a campaign visit from one or more of the Democrat Big Three: President Obama, President Bill Clinton or First Lady Michelle Obama.  Where is my ticket or can I get the hook-up.  The logical facility for this historic event would be the Macon Coliseum because Georgia is the biggest state this side of the Mississippi River and logistics can be a bear. My county, Worth County, is half the size of Rhode Island.   

Macon would mean that Georgians could drive equal distances to the venue and the congressional districts that need a little Dem star power converge in that region (the 2nd, 8th and 12th districts.)  The problem that the congressmen from the 2nd and 12th have nice relationships with the White House while Rep. Jim Marshall from Macon has chosen to go it alone. 

In the early 90s, I was worked for the Democrat congressman who represented Augusta and Athens, and a visit to the district from Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary was on the schedule.  A reporter asked my boss if he wanted Bill Clinton to campaign with him in Georgia and the congressman said basically he would do his own campaign.  O’Leary call our office and when on about “Bill is my friend and you don’t ask me to help you and disregard my friends.” 

Secretary O’Leary is currently the president of Fisk University and is saving that historically rich Black college from the brink of closure.  Fisk alumni include W.E.B. DuBois, Nikki Giovanni, Congressman Alcee Hastings, James Weldon Johnson, Congressman John Lewis, Mrs. Alma Powell and Secretary O’Leary.  In 2005, the financial situation at Fisk was so dire that they considered selling artwork given to the school by painter Georgia O’Keeffe.  If anyone can save Fisk for future generations, O’Leary is that person. 

When the White House and the DNC consider where to dispatch the big guns, Macon should be at the top of the list.  If not, Rep. Marshall must have said “no thanks”—a move that hurts the entire Dem ticket in Georgia.  Albany State University or Fort Valley State University would host a big three event but the Georgia Dome will likely get the nod and Rep. Marshall will not think about being on that stage.  They should send Hazel O’Leary to rap with him.  “Look here…let me holler at you for a second, partner….you don’t ignore Bill nor this outstanding young couple in the White House.  Keep this up and you will find yourself by yourself.” 

Secretary Hazel O'Leary

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Clint Eastwood’s film Grand Torino got to me last night.  Seeing a veteran and retired autoworker single-handedly protect his community from domestic terrorists (thugs and gangs) reminded me of JFK’s question about what can you do for your country.  In the last chapter of his life, Mr. Walter Kowalski was teaching negative and positive youth the wisdom of his value system.  Walter needed some lessons on anger management, control and dare I say political correction/cultural sensitivity.  We all can learn something from others. 

I jumped out of bed this Saturday (before day in the morning) to participate in “Cleanup Sylvester, Georgia.” As I look at the dark cloud on the horizon, I knew a rain delay might keep the event from starting.  The real looming dark cloud is the mindset of the youth and adults who toss trash on the streets with zero regard for community.  Where’s Mr. Kowalski when you need him?

RNC Chairman Michael Steele recently said there is no reason for African-Americans to vote for Republicans.  To me, our southern community has always been conservative and Blacks Who Actually Vote (BWAV) have little tolerance for Black ignorance or far Right fear-based rhetoric.  We have plenty Black Walter Kowalski here and there should medals for their actions or combat pay. Steele was basically saying that the efforts and vision of his party isn’t reaching us for whatever reason. 

Disenchanted Black conservatives tell me that their party doesn’t have an urban agenda.  On the other hand, I think the far left’s policies of tossing taxpayer money at problems isn’t working either. 

We need to address issues before they become problems (nip it in the bud).  I wrote on this blog a few months ago that First Lady Michelle Obama should start a Cease Corp to marshal community human resources (people) in an effort to share experience, knowledge and wisdom.  The Barrack Obama story is interesting and unique.  The Michelle Robinson Obama story is the blueprint for a healthy, achievement-oriented American family. Clint Eastwood, a former California mayor, should join the cause with the lessons from Grand Torino as a starting point.  

I have a feeling that Mrs. Obama post-White House service will make her one of the most significant Americans of all times.  You can see in her eyes that she is being restrictive or selective in her public statements but one day she is going to speak freely and the message for a community will be stern and golden.  It’s the direct straight talk that we don’t hear from current leaders.  She can put the “40 under 40” overachievers at the table with the “40 who drink 40s” and those who were 40 years old 40 years ago. 

The subplot of this movie was equally important.  What happens when your family has little use for you?  I say forget them and find a constructive outlet like church activities, a “play” family or maybe the Cease Corp.  Like Walter Kowalski, a neglected senior should get even in his will.

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Newsweek’s Evan Thomas recently wrote that the political system is not the problem; the problem to him is the entitlement mentality and softness of the American people.  I have been saying for years that protesters shouldn’t confront elected officials while ignoring the voters who put them in office. The officeholders are doing what the majority told them to do.

At times, the majority can be flat wrong, i.e. slavery and Jim Crow.  Ralph Nader’s Green Party and the Libertarian Party both have good points but the majority prefers to hang with the two usual suspects parties.  If America followed the energy plans outlined my President Carter after the Arab Oil Embargo, we might have avoided our deep involvement in the Middle East.  If we followed our doctor’s directions on diet and exercise…if we listened to Suzy Orman the first time we read her advice…if we paid attention in school and church.  The list goes on and on.   

We have waited for a Blue Dog Democrat or a sensible Republican who speaks directly and plainly to the people about reducing governmental spending by reducing actions and activities that created the problems in the first place.  Oh, the Tea Partiers will do it in a second but it needs to come from someone stern yet considerate.  In Georgia, the GOP is sleeping on several Black women congressional candidates who would be brilliant at getting directly to the point.  In my community, tea is best served sweet and cool.  


Government is Not the Problem: Evan Thomas, Newsweek

The problem is not the system. It’s us—our “got mine” culture of entitlement. Politicians, never known for their bravery, precisely represent the people. Our leaders are paralyzed by the very thought of asking their constituents to make short-term sacrifices for long-term rewards

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Those people waiting for President Obama to make things easier for struggling Americans will be waiting awhile.  He did not run on that platform; his message was facilitating a climate in which those who want to strive can do just that.  Naturally, others will continue their struggle and wonder why.  They keep biting off more than you can chew; putting too much on your plate or digging deep holes.  In south Georgia, we say that the first thing you need to do when you find yourself in a hole is stop dig.  If you think about it, struggle people actually work hard for years and years in a desperate effort to stay above water or above the ground.

Can far-right conservatives inadvertently be good for our community?  Absolutely, we would then understand that the government is not designed to pull us from holes that we personally dug.  President Obama and the Blue Dog Democrats mean well but the far-left create a false sense of security.

The next important movement could come when we openly discuss encouraging people to turn inward before looking to the government for assistance and hope.  Let’s be honest: the jobs lost in the last five years are not coming back.  Companies and industries are functioning with more technology, leaner operations and fewer workers.  We simply don’t have enough jobs for the growing number of people in this nation and this world.  Since no kind person wants to see homeless people, hungry children or suffering senior citizens, we must discover a way to ethically cajole people to have children when and if they are prepared.

The dilemma is that people who are not wise fail to see this logic and accusations of genocide quickly follow.  If Michelle Obama made solving this dilemma her life’s work, she could be one of the ten most important Americans of all time.  Since we have the Peace Corps, we could call it the Cease Corps and the central mission will be breaking the cycle of American families struggling by addressing the root causes in a preemptive matter.

In my community, some people are proud that their family is strong enough to face tons of adversity.  Other families are proud that they function in a deliberate and calculating matter—avoiding adversity and living smoothly.

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first ladies

For Mother’s Day, some mothers need a Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner to make their lives easier and other mothers need an exercise ball to make their lives longer. But, I remember my father saying that Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day were not as important a being nice everyday—that’s the last part of the jazz standard My Funny Valentine.

To me, a sweet part of this Mother’s Day is seeing my sister Michelle Obama as the first lady and first mother in the White House.  I don’t think we really appreciated grace and intelligence of her predecessor Laura Bush, who was the smartest person in the room at the end of the day and actually advised her husband more than we know.  Without her balancing Cheney, bad could have been worst.

In farmland, we are always looking for residual benefit—wheat straw becomes office furniture; peanut shells become kitty litter; and swine waste fertilizes hay fields.  I knew this time last year that we would have a woman as president or a minority woman as first lady/mother and the residual benefit would be of epic proportions.

Michelle Obama is like the Cosby Show’s Claire Huxtable come to life and the residual benefit of young people seeing what motherhood should be like should encourage better parenting and family planning, and should advocate staying childless for those who are not up to the task.  I know, I know, that some of these people having all of these kids don’t think logically about their choices and that brighter people actually have few children because parenthood is hard.  

We hear appropriations this and grants that but real moderates and conservatives would figure out away to sincerely and tactfully say “ask not what this country can do for you but ask what can you do for this country..what you can do is stop being overconfident about your ability to raise productive, law abiding citizens because if you half-raise children, they could end up dead or in prison shackles.”  

 I never understood Toni Morrison’s Beloved—the book or the movie; but, I did get that a slave woman killed her baby rather than see it grow up to be a slave.  We have creditability issues in my neighborhood because the same people who are rightfully upset about slavery are not equally upset about criminal actions that youth in prisons. 

 How did I go from Mother’s Day to slavery to prison?  Easy, because after things settle down with the economy, Michelle Obama is going to start encouraging underachieving folks to be better and do better in their personal lives—in addition to the current Obama family examples.  She will be doing what southerners elect conservatives to do and if she is successful she would be improving America at a nominal cost. At that point, the far-right would be in real trouble so they better get on the ball and get some positive mother candidates because Hillary and Michelle on it but it is not a competition; it is a mission. 

Georgia might have a woman governor and should have a woman in congress and that could be a good thing if their natures provide the residual benefit of positive motherhood that First Ladies Clinton, Bush and Obama are giving.

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