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For Mother’s Day, some mothers need a Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner to make their lives easier and other mothers need an exercise ball to make their lives longer. But, I remember my father saying that Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day were not as important a being nice everyday—that’s the last part of the jazz standard My Funny Valentine.

To me, a sweet part of this Mother’s Day is seeing my sister Michelle Obama as the first lady and first mother in the White House.  I don’t think we really appreciated grace and intelligence of her predecessor Laura Bush, who was the smartest person in the room at the end of the day and actually advised her husband more than we know.  Without her balancing Cheney, bad could have been worst.

In farmland, we are always looking for residual benefit—wheat straw becomes office furniture; peanut shells become kitty litter; and swine waste fertilizes hay fields.  I knew this time last year that we would have a woman as president or a minority woman as first lady/mother and the residual benefit would be of epic proportions.

Michelle Obama is like the Cosby Show’s Claire Huxtable come to life and the residual benefit of young people seeing what motherhood should be like should encourage better parenting and family planning, and should advocate staying childless for those who are not up to the task.  I know, I know, that some of these people having all of these kids don’t think logically about their choices and that brighter people actually have few children because parenthood is hard.  

We hear appropriations this and grants that but real moderates and conservatives would figure out away to sincerely and tactfully say “ask not what this country can do for you but ask what can you do for this country..what you can do is stop being overconfident about your ability to raise productive, law abiding citizens because if you half-raise children, they could end up dead or in prison shackles.”  

 I never understood Toni Morrison’s Beloved—the book or the movie; but, I did get that a slave woman killed her baby rather than see it grow up to be a slave.  We have creditability issues in my neighborhood because the same people who are rightfully upset about slavery are not equally upset about criminal actions that youth in prisons. 

 How did I go from Mother’s Day to slavery to prison?  Easy, because after things settle down with the economy, Michelle Obama is going to start encouraging underachieving folks to be better and do better in their personal lives—in addition to the current Obama family examples.  She will be doing what southerners elect conservatives to do and if she is successful she would be improving America at a nominal cost. At that point, the far-right would be in real trouble so they better get on the ball and get some positive mother candidates because Hillary and Michelle on it but it is not a competition; it is a mission. 

Georgia might have a woman governor and should have a woman in congress and that could be a good thing if their natures provide the residual benefit of positive motherhood that First Ladies Clinton, Bush and Obama are giving.

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