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Cliff Claiborne on Cheers and Daymon Wayans’ character on In Living Color were the best conspiracy theorists in T.V. history.  Daymon could have a field day on First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain. 

“See, my brother..the plan was put in place hundreds of years ago. Ergo, we were brought to the shores in the hulls of ships..you see..but Kunta Kente never forgot his Islamic roots and held Kizzie up to the east at midnight…understand…because the Moors, who occupied Spain for years but it’s not in the (His)tory text books, prayed to the east as the descendants of Abraham’s other son.”

“But the Knights Templar didn’t decode the messages in the Moorish-Spanish tiles that HGTV recommends be added as an exotic touch to suburban kitchens.  Unbeknownst to the untrained eye, a couple meets in Chicago and starts the reign of power planted as a seed years ago.  So, what seems like a touristy jaunt to Espana for paella is actually fulfillment of the circle..hear me.  As dynasties collide, the future leader of the free world goes to read and decipher those Moorish tiles and stymie the House of Bush’s alliance with the House of Saudi…Harvard v. Yale…and we are mere pawns in a globe chess match that has lasted ages…and stay mindful of  recent new beginnings in the House of Little Rock. ”

That was a fun exercise while waiting for the runoff polls to close in Georgia.  But, some nuts out there would actually believe this mambo jumbo.  As we approach the midterm elections, common sense is the best guide to “decipher” the agendas of those in the political arena.  At the end of the day, people should do what is right for them and arrive at logical conclusions with their regions and wallets in mind. 

Black folks can read it in the First Lady’s eyes: she has had it with fake smiles, life in the fish bowl and people slamming her good man.  The “Blame Bush” approach is not consistent with Obama natural style and his White House team needs some adjusting.  I say let Mrs. Obama be herself on the trail this Fall because she has a low tolerance for ignorance and self-pity.  Dr. Condi Rice is really a moderate and Mrs. Obama is really moderate to conservative from the “Do-for-self” school of thought.  She is the best conservative in the White House but consevatives are too busy tripping to see it.

As a side note, ABC had a show called “Life on Mars” than I watched because Lisa Bonet had a small role.  Brothers from the 80s still support the women from the Cosby Show and A Different World—as Ludadcris said, even Rudy Huxtable is all grownup and a Spelman Delta.  If you didn’t grow up where and when I did, you couldn’t imagine the feelings of seeing a real Huxtable family in the White House.  Then again, I can imagine what some friends think is the ultimate plans for a new world order. 

On the finale of Life on Mars, it was revealed that the main character was dreaming during an Earth to Mars flight in 2035.  Upon awakening, the astronauts were told that President Obama wanted to be in the control room but her father was ill so she and her sister went to Chicago.  Moorish tiles?  Who did she beat?  Senator Prescott Bush or Mr. Clinton R. Mezvinsky.

Life On Mars/Obama at 1:45


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