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Yaya Decosta

Yaya DaCosta

I don’t know about this drama with the couple in Louisiana and the justice of the peace.  But, Yaya DaCosta from “America’s Next Top Model” played Vanessa Williams’ character’s daughter on Ugly Betty last night.  If someone tried to stop me from marrying Yaya if we were in the same age range or if someone tried to block me from marrying Jenny on the Jefferson (Berlinda Tolbert) back in the day, we would have had some real problems. 

What’s the deal with people saying, “I can’t believe this is still happening?”  Newsflash: many Americans are often clueless about people of other cultures or regions.  To be honest, I love the American president but I think he doesn’t know how ugly some places can.  I read second book and wow, sometimes he could not get a cab.  When I was a kid, we were not allow to checkout books from the public library and forget about using the restroom between southwest Georgia and Savannah.  Orange juice bottle.

Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and I are better authorities racism—the dirty south is not Kansas and it dam sure isn’t Hawaii.  President Obama positive vibe is encouraging but I will be dead for decades before attitudes truly change in this nation.  Actually, a new question is how long will certain segments of the Black community tolerate certain other segments.  I will leave that alone—you don’t talk family business in public.

At church, the pastor says it is better to marry than burn.  Well, I would have been burning hot behind the collar if someone kept me from Yaya or Berlinda.

Berlina Tolbert

Berlina Tolbert


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