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Blog contributor HBA said she saw Young Cons on the Fox channel.  Megan Fox or Vivica Fox has her own channel and Huckabee has a show there.  Kidding aside, it’s is cool that rapping as a medium grown from the streets of New York to every corner of the nation and globe. 

I have been in the developing world and some lovely woman says in broken English that hip hop and the urban struggle is similar to their struggle with their oppressors.  While I am from the rural area, who am I to argue with a local.  I might as well claim to assisting with the creation of hip hop the same summer I helped Al Gore create the internet.

But, I still won’t turn my baseball cap to the side (that’s un-American and disrespectful to Jackie Roosevelt Robinson from Cairo, Georgia, and the Negro Leagues.)  And I only turn my cap backwards when I am nailing something in a confined place—HGTV that’s the channel. 

Back to the point, the Young Cons have their message down but should work on their mic skills—rent 8 Mile and watch M flow or better yet check Eric B and Rakim; 3rd Base and Wu Tang Clan.  I am still amazed my Wu Tang Clan’s extensive vocabulary and knowledge so pay attention in school budding rappers.    

Young Con are going to be okay and serve their purpose for them team- peace to them.  Ice-T was wrong to say that Will Smith can’t rap if he is not from ghetto; rap what you know and the children of Black professionals don’t know the struggle…thank heaven. 


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