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The reduction of absolutes in our daily thinking would improve our functioning in the world.  A new friend recently explained that she tries to limit “absolutes” because she isn’t judgmental.  Of course, she when on with biblical references and might have tossed in Tupac’s statement about God and judging.  Whatever, my big takeaway or teachable moment came from the absolute part.

The dictionary defines absolute as “free from imperfection, complete, perfect; free from restrictions or limitations.”  If you think about it, ignorant people like Donald Trump walk around all day talking about “all” this and “every” that.  For the record, Trump is brilliant…he just plays dumb on T.V. to build his brand.

As a Black southern kid, I knew I had to be mindful of absolutes because many southern Black minds are restricted by self-imposed limitations.  “Why you talkin’ White….we not supposed to play tennis…we play football and basketball…we ‘posed to struggle….you got to wear the latest style.”

Would someone please tell the ignorant that fashion comes and goes but style remains the same…furthermore, fashion is a cruel scheme created to separate you from your little money.  Often, people with sensible style use saved money to buy HOUSES…but you just keep on making Michael Jordan and Michael Korrs rich.

Speaking in absolutes indicates your mental limits and I can write that because people like that wouldn’t read 200 words down into an article or blog post.  (Smile)  Let’s talk about them.

Every and All Examples

All Black folks like chicken and basketball.  (I happen to love both)

All Jewish people have money.

Every Black person is looking for a handout.

All Blacks with nice cars are selling drugs.

All poor Whites drink Mountain Dew.

All Asians are good at math.

All Muslims are terrorists.

All Christians aren’t terrorists.

All women date for money.

All money is evil.

Everyone should worship like you.

Every White person is exactly like the few Whites you have met.

Everyone in the hood is up to no good.

Everyone in a fancy community got there from fair dealing.

All teachers really want to do another job.

Everyone must pay to play.

All hip hop is bad.

All hip hop is good.

Every man cheats…a man is going to be a man.

All politicians are shady.

All guns are bad.

Every southern White person wants to still own slaves.

All limitations on Blacks come from Whites.

Everyone in the world is out to get America.

Everything the U.S. government does in the world is good.

All Mexicans want to take my job.

All Frenchmen want to take my wife.

Nobody wants my wife…including me.

Everyone in the Pacific Northwest is a candles and sandals liberal.

All Republicans are evil.

Blacks are never conservatives.

No White southerners are Democrats and they couldn’t wait to get the hell out of a party with Negroes.

Everyone in a hoodie is a thug.

Everyone who loves NASCAR wants their country back.

All Indian store owners smell funny.  (Newsflash: you smell like what you eat and your pork eating –ss smells funny to them…but they thank you for getting them rich.)

All gay people are trying to recruit you because you are irresistible.

All lesbians had daddy issues.

All ugly White women can find some Black or Mexican guy to date them…. (I better stop here)

All successful Black women should consider dating the above mentioned White woman’s equally ugly brother because all Black men are in jail, gay, broke or cheaters.

All preachers are good men.  (Some are called…some just went.)

Every woman in high heels is a floozy.

Every woman in low heels isn’t a floozy.

All private schools are better than all public schools.

All social media is evil.

All wine is bad for you….read your Bible.

All pickup truck drivers are rednecks….must stop now, need to go wash my truck.


This humorous list could go on and on but the point is made.  We must think with more understanding and complexity.  “All” and “every” could be replaced with “most” or “most that I have met in my limited life.” You know the real deal is this: people with mental and cultural limits don’t realize how dumb they are and get used by manipulators time and time again.  Businessmen were at home when the Klansmen were doing their dirty work…well, some were right there in the mix.  Some rappers are negatively shaping our community’s culture while other folks reap the benefits.

Everyone should be mindful of what they say out loud.  The Trump supporters aren’t new…they just decided to say out loud what they had been thinking for years.  Malcolm X would have thanked them for their honesty because honesty is the starting point of most productive dialogs.


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(I should not go down this road…a wiser dude would press delete)


A few years ago Chris Rock went off about how he loves Black folks but he hates N-words.  We know the history of the word “nigger.” During college, we listen to the great Chuck D of Public Enemy say, “every brother, aint a brother because a Black hand took the life of Malcolm X, the man…the shooting of Huey P. Newton..the hands of a nigger pull the trigger.”  


Change in my community that starts with the election of Barrack Obama is a good time to stop using the N-word.  Obama and his Red, Black, White and Brown supporters grew up in sweeter parts of the nation than me or the southern ones are the next generation of less bitter people—that’s wonderful. 


Reality dilemma: what do we do about identifying and labeling actual negative elements and subcultures.  There are sub-groups inside Black, White and any group who should be identified, prayed for, but in the mean time avoided.  “This _______ just robbed his grandmother.”  This blond_____refused medical treatment from an Asian paramedic and bled to death.”  “I have had it with _______ driving in my subdivision with foul music blasting at 3a.m…. some folks had zero home training.”  “_________ never believed Obama could win because they felt ________ are not suppose to be in the White House.”

“Those rotten high school _______ are making school unbearable for good students.” 


Don’t get me started about the denial of righteous sisters about the existence of B-words.  No, people should not walk around calling all women out of their names but we need a word for the worst females.  “That _________ was with that woman’s husband in his wife’s bed and put her panties in the lady’s jewel box.”   “That ______ laughs about getting the money dude should be paying in child support.”  “This stupid ________ killed her sweet kids because her new boyfriend doesn’t like children.”


We should have compassion for those who are “limited” for whatever reason.  In doing my little part for “change,” I will refrain using the N-word and I have never been big on the B-word.  I am replacing both words with “fool.”  As children, we could not say fool in my family—which was odd because we clearly had some fools around. 


While we are at it, “fool” should replace “cracker” when referring to the worst White element also.  Cracker is an interesting word in Georgia because the minor league baseball team in Atlanta before the Braves was the Atlanta Crackers and the Negro League team was the Atlanta Black Crackers.  (I had better leave that alone.) 



Obama likes JFK so in 2009 “Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do to deal with the fool subcultures messing up America.”

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