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Georgia Rep. Jim Marshall held a town hall meeting yesterday and solidified his place as as a front-runner for governor next year.  Oh yeah, Marshall is not running for governor but his ability to please moderates and conservatives was exceptional.  The only folks who might not like Marshall’s message are liberals, national Democrats and Obama supporters.  

I have been questioning about Marshall in the past year because he never supported Obama or Clinton during the 2008 presidential campaign but after listening to him field questions for hours over the radio, I finally get him.  He is either an anachronism of the pre-1990s Democratic Party (Dixiecrats) or a bright star in the non-party American political future.  The good thing about Marshall is the fact that he represents non-Atlanta, Georgian views as well as anyone.  The bad thing about him is that he rarely works to quail the political vitriol aimed at our party and President Obama. 

Rep. Marshall did well in his fair opposition to health care reform and mentioned the bipartisan Healthy American Act that he could support.  When questioned about his vote for of the 2008 bailout, Marshall repeated his opinion that those actions were need to rescue the economy and if he could be defeat for doing what he thinks is right, defeat him and send him home.  I guess he has the same outlook about supporting Democrat initiatives in 2009 that expand the size of government or balloon the national debt.

The congressman waxed nostalgic about the good old days when most congressional districts could elect either a Democrat or Republican.  He then told the crowd that the current congressional maps create districts safe for Ds or Rs without going into details about the Voting Rights Act being the reason for redistricting.  Marshall is better suited for statewide office because the liberals’ section in the Democrat Party will want him gone over his major votes this congress; that district really is a conservative seat. 

If you read the signs, the GOP lack of opposition to Rep. Marshall could be indication that they don’t want him push into a bid for governor because he is one Democrat who might actually win (he couldn’t beat Isakson for Senate.)

Is Marshall a Dem, cloaked GOP or an undeclared Independent?  Old school R&B music fans can think of Marshall like Teena Marie—a hybrid.  Lady T didn’t look like us but everyone in the community loved the ways she “put it down” in her music.  Rep. Marshall has a D on his jersey but he evidently feels conservatism as much as anyone and too much for some Ds.  I hope Jim Marshall has Teena Marie in his Ipod or on his Blackberry because he should listened to “Out on a Limb” and “Square Biz” over and over during the coming months.  To be honest, Marshall brought that “square biz” on health care reform yesterday but some Dems wonder why he is not “out on a limb” with Rep. Barrow and Rep. Bishop in support of the White House…a Dem White House. 

We true Obama supporters are listening to Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire.”


Healthy American Act: Summary



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The debate over health care reform has turned into a debate over debate techniques and tricks.  The opponents of the White House and Democrats proposals just scored again because the nation’s attention is focused on debate methods rather than the issues; which is surprising since they might have won anyway by sticking to the actual issues.

Yesterday, a lady at a town hall meeting said, “I want my country back.”  To be fair, she could have meant she wanted it back from Democrats who she feels tax and spend.  In my community, her statement was a thinly veiled reference to the hue of Barack Obama. 

My mind turned to Crispus Attucks, the first person shot at the Boston Massacre and the first martyr of the American Revolution.  Both sides in the healthcare debate have big money interests behind them; that is the American way.  The rich guys decide how it is going down and then get the spin-doctors to create a P.R. strategy to incite the masses.  The so-called Boston Massacre was actually British soldiers firing in self-defense against a taunting mob (sounds familiar.)  John Adams served as lawyer for the soldiers and got the murder changes down to manslaughter. 

In my neighborhood, we know the name Prince Hall from our friends and family who are Free Masons.  But, non-Masons might not know that Hall, the founder of Black Freemasonry, fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill.  If that protest lady wants her country back, she needs to go back to Crispus Attucks and Prince Hall rather than January 2009 and Barrack Obama. 

Prince Hall, American Patriot

Prince Hall, American Patriot

Chuck D from Public Enemy said in a song, “Even Masons, they know it but they refuse to show it…but it is printed in black…it takes a nation of millions to hold us back.”  I am not one to snoop around in organization’s secret information.  Barack Obama’s classmate from law school Hill Harper is an actor who starred in a movie called the Skulls, which is based on Skull and Bones at Yale.  His character, a journalism student,  sought the secrets and played the price for being meddlesome. Harper is the lab guy on CSI New York when he is not busy helping the youth with encouraging lectures and positive books.  I read “Letters to a Young Brother” and “Letters to a Young Sister” and recommend both for young people of any culture.

Chuck D was referring to Mason knowledge that the Egyptian pyramid builders mastered construction and architectural skills in Africa as far back as 2500 BC. It blows me away to think that the Great Pyramid at Giza was designed and constructed by Africans that long ago and yes I know some people consider Egypt to be in the Middle East rather than Africa but it is Africa to me.



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The drama begins.  Someone from D.C. emailed me this article about the GOP’s chances for 2010 in the aftermath of the Gates arrest situation and other matters.  When that former colleague calls to chew the political fat this weekend, I will say what I say everyday: until the Red Team produces a moderate division, the Blue Dogs will be fine.

While our community doesn’t normally rally during mid-term election, we have never had a Black president make the request. 

The energy and concern Americans are showing for policy this summer is refreshing and an indicator of the importance of the issues on the national plate.  However, I hope the debates and town hall meeting are conducted in a safe, respectful way.  What I am seeing on the news made me return to some classic Norman Rockwell paintings.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

The Problem We All Live With

The Problem We All Live With


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