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While watching the Terrell Owens reality show on VH1, I humorously found parallels with southern congressional politics.  T.O. performs well on the football field generally but needs to remember his obligation to his coach, his team and his owner—the bosses.  Members of Congress (MOCs) work for the voters/the people; not lobbyists or future corporate employers and partners.  On the other hand, T.O. and MOCs should be mindful of their long-term career and financial goals.

If we look at the Democrats and Republicans from the South who left congress in the last twenty years, most Republicans went on to make more money or retire while many Democrats did not move forward in salary.  What’s up with that?  Democrats generally arrived at congress from previous public service or community work while GOPers came from the business or corporate world.  As smart business minds, many Republicans serve in congress with an eye on their post-congressional career moves which is not a problem because their expertise makes them great resources.  But, are their congressional actions in the best interest of their districts primarily or their future bank accounts. 

Many Democrats stay in congress as long as they can because this might be as good as it gets—which is not fair because they also have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience that should be beneficial in the private sector.  Quick—name a southern former House Democrat who went on to better things.  Harold Ford Jr. is the only one that comes to mind and he is still in politics in another way.  So, the Democrat MOCs often play it safely—that is not a bad piece of money coming into the account monthly. 

Terrell Owens has made enough money to live comfortably if he is wise.  Like MOCs, he is planning for his next income source, if not retirement. His actions during this job are setting up his next move.  Those people without lives (like me) that watched the T.O. Show debate who T.O. should date: the young bartender or the supermodel (we know this mess is as fake as a two dollar bill and so is some of the congressional theater.)  If T.O. asked me, I would state the obvious: leave both of those arm candy women alone and date Kita, his publicist. Kita is tall, brown, intelligent (University of Kentucky grad), southern, grounded, witty and lovely.  The real question is does T.O. deserve Kita.   The supermodel sista is nice but they are too much alike and the bartender is…I will leave that alone. Man, get you a southern woman and call it a day. 

This Fall, T.O. and the MOCs should remember who put them in the game and the long-term consequences of their actions.  If you are wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey, you should remember that there is no “I” in team.  If you are wearing a Democrat jersey, please remember the same—the folks with Republican jerseys already know their playbook.  Finally, if you can’t get down with your team’s game plan, become a free agent or retire.  



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