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I can’t stand Bill Belichick but must admit that he was smart to tell his Patriots defenders to allow the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw to score a touchdown in the last few minutes of the Super Bowl.  Belichick did the calculations and knew he wanted the ball back in Tom Brady’s hands.  The decision, which almost won them another championship, put me in the mind of Muhammad Ali’s Rope-dope and made me think about this presidential primary season.

Belichick didn’t tell his team to “let” them score; he told them to “help” them score.  If you noticed, Pats players were prepared to push Bradshaw into the endzone to preserve precious seconds.  President Obama might have a hard time beating a GOP candidate like Mitt Romney because Romney knows business and the business sector needs to create millions of  jobs.  The Belichick type move for Obama supporters would be helping Newt Gingrich score by winning open primary state elections. 

If you notice, I wrote Obama supporters rather than Democrats because the Democratic National Committee would never endorse or support party members voting for any Republican anywhere for any reasons.  I am more interested in holding the White House than protecting their party brand.   If Romney gets his party’s nomination one day, he will become sweet and nice to the political center the next day to win the general election (if the Tea Party lets him.)  It will be Romney’s Belichick type move to soften his party and secure the White House—it might work. 

But, good old Newt doesn’t play that game.  He is hardcore and has a long record to prove it.  Remember, we can beat Newt in November if we help him win the nomination now—hold your nose and think Belichick.

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