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ESPN’s Steven A. Smith is catching heat for saying that Blacks need to vote for Republicans sometimes to keep the Democrats from assuming they will always have us.  I must be a political prophet because I have been saying and doing that for years.  The GOP in the South doesn’t really want Black voters and the Democrats mission of give, give, give isn’t reparations nor is it healthful for us.

Politics is different from governing and I am about the business of governing.  Politics is the science of winning elections for power and treasure.  A candidate/officeholder might be an idiot but the goal is to put him in place so he can get his supporters richer.  Actually, it would be easier if the official was an idiot.

The ultimate objective is a better America.  For me, that objective comes from elected officials telling the people that the role of government in their lives is limited.  So, the Democrats are doing broke folks wrong by having them wait for assistance when the better assistance would be knowledge and wisdom about personal conduct and actions.

Candidates are like brides while governors are wives.  You dig?  A woman can be a master of getting guys to marry her and an expert on planning and having weddings.  However, are the same women good at being a day to day wife/spouse?  The cool guy in the club would make a handsome groom but is he a take the trash out/pay the bills/don’t cheat/cook dinner every other night husband.

Former House Speaker Tom Foley use to say that any jackass could kick down a barn but it takes a carpenter to build one.  Black America could diversify our political portfolio or not put all of our eggs in one basket.

If the Republicans control your area, vote for the GOP candidate with the best comfort level with us.  Of course, this official is as conservative as the rest of them; however, he or she goes into every community to explain his votes and actions.  In Georgia, Rep. Sanford Bishop, Sen. Johnny Isakson and former Rep. Jack Kingston get down like that…Bishop from the moderate angle.

Between the Red Team and the Blue Team, you can’t vote “none of the above.”  However, you can support the candidates who agree with the “do for self” mentality as a secondary aspect of their political mindset.  Project Logic Ga’s Best Interest Initiative is a good starting point on the road to “do for self.”


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