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What do they call a Black man with a PHD?   You know and it is a shame. What’s worst is that my parents told me that as part of the obligatory “don’t get to comfortable with certain folks” talk.  Dr. Henry Louis Gates did not listen to the warning that President Obama’s election would not change America overnight.  That warning came repeatedly from Obama himself, Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton and everyone who really knows what’s what. 

The whole “I can’t believe this happened on Harvard Square” thing tripped me out because Malcolm X told us that the South is everything south of Canada and he lived in the same Boston.  Bill Russell said he did not play for Boston but for the Celtics after people got so ugly when he moved into a certain neighborhood.  Can you believe that someone broke into his home and defecated in his bed then covered it with the comforter?  That was wrong; as wrong as someone who looks like us robbing Mrs. Rosa Parks in her home.  I wish she would have done like Pope John Paul II when he was shot and pointed the guy out in a spirit of forgiveness at the Million Man March.   While she is a forgiving person, the street in me would have smooth hung my Rockports in his behind.

I love me some PBS with those long projects by Ken Burns but Dr. Gates series about who is related to White people kind of tripped me out—like those Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemming family folks.  I don’t want to know so I stop my people when they start that talk or I leave the room because I see those people in the post office everyday.  We are not talking about generations removed from the drama because sharecropping (the last part of slavery) did not end until the mid 70s. In other words, there are big farms in my community that got big because the labor was free then systematically cheap.   

The USDA/Pigford case is addressing discrimination problems that grew from the county committees deciding who would farm and who would farm for someone else.  The progress in Black America that is chronicled by Dr. Gates and Soledad O’Brien might be reversed by the current generation of softer, less focus, bling-preoccupied youth. 

So the mayor of Cambridge is a sister and the president was a little rough on the police.  Rather than taking Dr. Gates class or attending his lecture, the young Black, White and Brown guys need to catch me on the tennis court after the matches for my class “How to encounter the police and live to talk about it.”  Repeat after me, “Officer, I was wrong” while remembering the event for a possible lawsuit.       

Finally, what up with Soledad’s CNN Black in America; like she discovered Black America last year. “I have found this fascinating group of people living among us called Blacks and it turns out they are different in many ways from other Americans.”  Soledad, Gates and other Harvard Blacks (who outnumber Morehouse, Spelman, Hampton and Howard in the current administration) don’t know our community as well as the Arkansas connection that came with Clinton in the 90s—Black and White.  Don’t start that “who’s blacker: Barrack or Bill” nonsense because that was answered this time last year. 

On a side note, I am really starting to think President Obama made a deal with Hillary that he would push real reform and let her have it in four year unless he was wildly successful.


Thinking about locals vs. the college community turned me to two classic film scenes. And Good Will Hunting was set in Boston. 

 Spike Lee’s School Daze: KFC —-Language Warning


 Good Will Hunting Apples Scene —Language Warning



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