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Plantation with modern bridge

To be honest, you should never operate an entity or enterprise without input from all involved people.  On this election day, I can’t help but thing that this election is one of the last of it’s types–or should be. 

The Republicans think they know what is best for this nation and the Democrats think the same thing.  If I put on my old polly sci major hat and observe the situation the way Dr. Hollis taught us at college, I might conclude that the Dems better reflect a cross-section of the American people.

My conservative friends will quickly point out that the majority might be wrong and then the pull out the slavery example from our history.  Well, if you want to talk about that period, we should consider the plantation mentality that makes a small group think their prosperity is good for everyone (i.e. apartheid in South Africa, trickle-down economics in America.)  

Today, they call it plutocracy, rule by the wealth.  I personally think Governor Romney as an elder in his church has done a thousand times more to help needy people than the average American.  But, I also think that this smart, likeable guy is the Trojan horse that gets the plutocrats into the White House. 

We can’t keep having elections where most of the members of a major party look like each other.  Also, the people in that party shouldn’t hate other nations where a religion runs the government while they are trying to do the same thing here.  And don’t get me started on the idea that all members of another party are godless heathens.  As Dr. Hollis, Attorney Tucker and the other professors taught us at Black college, government functions best when all voices are heard. 

When the GOP goes back to the drawing board after this victory or defeat, they should consider using various color markers because (mark my word) that plantation mentality only leads to civic war.  (You know that is what some folks want.)   The silly thing to me is that the GOP doesn’t realize that could have 15% of the vote in my community if they keep to the issues of jobs/economy rather than letting the far right push social issues.


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