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The student loan agency/firm/company/corporation Sallie Mae recently announced that they are bringing 2000 jobs back to the United States from the Philippines and India.  Public officials and policymakers need to take a hard look at quasi-governmental organizations that lead to the credit crisis but lobby Congress like private firms. 


The ultimate insult must have been some student loan borrower explaining that her payments are late because there is no work in her city but the person on the other end of the line is in Bangalore, India.  “Why haven’t I made a payment, are you kidding me.  Are you calling me from the other freaking side of the world to sweat me about a student loan that is partially a United State government loan—unbelievable?  I have not made a payment because you have my job.”


And why are we bailing out people who bought too much house but people with student loan debt will watch that load grow exponentially without relief.  The cute Wall Street products and devices that ruined our economy include the slippery slope of student loan deference and forbearance.  A bigger threat to American security than nutty terrorists is Raj with the headset taking American jobs and China holding our national debt.


“This is Raj..how may I help you.  No sir…begging your pardon…I did take your job nor food from your children’s mouths…..would you like to may a payment today.”


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