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Duct taping my 2008 Obama sign over an old Sanford Bishop for Congress sign was a green move to me and old political signs are like old Levis jeans and even older boxy Volvos.  Rep. Bishop doesn’t technically serve my hometown anymore but interests don’t stop neatly at political lines.  The southwest Georgia economic engines that Rep. Bishop, Rep. Austin Scott and the two U.S. Senators protect are often located in one congressional district while employees live in another district.   For example, Bishop should know ABAC and Scott should know ag school Fort Valley State—good people on both campuses. 

On the subject of GOP congressional candidates, the GOP amazed me again in the runoff elections yesterday.  When Austin Scott played the cool role and beat a long-term Dem. congressman, his election should have served as the template for 2012 candidates—nice, smart and someone who doesn’t frighten moderates.  Of course, these candidates (like a Trojan Horse) can do anything once in office.  In the GOP congressional primary runoffs to face Rep. Bishop and Rep. John Barrow, the primary voters selected the most conservative candidates rather than someone who could attract a percentage of the political middle or moderates. 

With the large turnout from Obama supporters coming in November, Bishop is on cruise control but there is still important work for him this year.  Senior statesman Sanford should be unofficially in-large in rural Dem turnout from Savannah to Columbus and all points south until Florida.  He should lead Dems in areas without major Democratic leadership in the form of a sitting congressman or serious congressional candidate.  I have heard Rep. Bishop quote Luke 12:48 “…For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” 

Team Obama needs to put Bishop to work in South Georgia and maybe North Florida since North FLA is really south Georgia and south Alabama.  Remember, Congressman Bishop has been running campaigns and on the local news in North Florida for years since the coverage radius crosses state line.  Oh yeah, Bishop’s hometown is in south Alabama so he knows the panhandle of FLA.

I think it is important of make Team Romney campaign in safe Red states.  Romney, Ryan, Austin Scott, Johnny Isakson and other non-crazy Republicans should say something when the crazy section of their team open their crazy mouths and the crazies are requiring crazy talk.  Come on and keep scaring Dems to the polls.  Look, there are many legitimate issues on the table; so, why say wild things you’ll know aren’t true. Obama should be looking at Bishop’s style and Romney should be looking at Austin’s.

Hey, Bishop could help President Obama surprisingly win Georgia and the White House might upgrade him into the cabinet.  Then, the GOP can find a cool brother or sista to run in the 2nd rather than a Tea  Party type.  But, that situation would be too much like right.


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Before we get into the full campaign season, I want to make a few things perfectly clear—as I see them.  First, President Obama and Governor Romney are both basically good fellows tasked with the jobs of leading national parties.  As I have written for years, the Liberals mean well but have poor budget vision and the Conservatives are often right in theory but horribly wrong for forcing said theory upon everyone else.  To be honest, the GOP doesn’t want moderates and you shouldn’t have to tell us twice.  The question then becomes this: which national party can get more of their supporters into the polling place in swing states.

I refuse to believe that Georgia is off the table for the Team Obama and turnout for Rep. Bishop in Albany, Macon and Columbus and Rep. Barrow in Augusta might tilt the balance.  Can the president win without getting three or four states in the South?  It’s a shame that the GOP can’t find a small section under their tent for reasonable moderates because the party that gets the lion share of the middle wins. 

From the “tail wagging to dog” to “the cart being in front of the horse,” pundits will use dozens of adages to illustrate that big money for professional campaigns types is driving this election more than policy and ideas.  Those cats will spend billions saying negative things about the other side that they know aren’t true.

The southern Black vote could have been on the table for the GOP for years but they let the meanest segment of their camp dictate the vibe.  In elections, you can get the voters to vote for you, drive them to vote against you, or bore them into staying home.  Romney isn’t that bad himself but some around and behind them are flat ruthless and they will compel fence-sitters and some times voters to action.

Since I try to be a positive person, I continue to extend an invitation to those in other political camps who would like to know why the middle has issues with the far left and far right.  As Biggie said, call the crib—same number, same hood, it’s all good.

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