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Southern Blacks shouldn’t be a presidential lock for anyone in 2016.  Secretary Hillary Clinton is one nice candidate and she is better prepared to be potus than most were at the time of their election.  But, the times they are a changing and we need more than good campaigning; we need a comprehensive plan and approach for living better.   That P and A might involve the government finally admitting that its role in our personal well-being should be limited.  They should tell the people the truth so we are function accordingly.

Politics and campaigning are the arts of getting people elected (often times, by saying bad stuff about the other side.)  Governing is about the proper running of public enterprises.  In the midterm elections, fancy Ivy League types in D.C. planned how to get regular folks thinking to produce their desired results.  Their desired results weren’t better governing and better personal living; it was making money for them and keeping power.

They spent a zillion dollars on campaign ads with candidates wearing denim shirts while walking on farms with dogs.  If the Democrats spent 15% of their ad money hosting events to meet and listen to voters, they would have done much better.  The old Get Out The Vote model of having teams in every area gives regular people the opportunity to make a few bucks while helping the campaign process.   In the basement of the DNC and the RNC on Capitol Hill, low level congressional staffers attend workshops on how to get campaign volunteers to work for nothing while stacks of cash are spent on TV ads that turn off the voters.

Carlton Fletcher of the Albany Herald recently wrote an instant classic about campaign ads.


After a chill holiday season, those in the political arena should spend 2015 listening to regular people.  Elections are often decided by who secures the sensible center.  The GOP presidential primary will likely pull their nominee so far right than the party turns off the center in the November election again.  They need to go get Michael Steele’s old plans for growth—plans that start with telling crazies to relax and end with embracing the minority version conservatism.

Southern Blacks outside big cities aren’t really liberal.  Oh, we won’t be hooking up with the GOP because the nuttiest on that team are running the show.  But, we might grow disillusion and stay home.  There is an emerging segment of my community that feels that a return to non-government solutions is the answer; solutions that center on personal responsibility and how we carry ourselves.  That opens the door to GOP mavericks like Rand Paul and Jeb Bush.  Is the GOP so far gone that Jeb Bush’s level-headiness makes him an outlier.  Yes.

In 2014 in the South, the Democrats assume they had the Black vote and therefore spent their time courting the Whites who bounced for the GOP.  They better court our Black “blanks” are we might bounce also.


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As southerners, my friends and I seem to spend “plenty time” watching for signs regarding this or that.  The signs could actually be our better judgment kicking in or guardian angels (dead relatives) whispering in our ears.  The continued bickering in American politics disenchants me—it is not supposed to be this way.  President Obama was right to reference the MLK adage “you can disagree without being disagreeable.”  What he doesn’t know is that fussing and creating mess is what some folks do on the left and right.

The Rolling Stones’ classic “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” has been in my head all week when thinking about those in the political/policy arena.  Senator Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts was a wake-up call for both political sides.  The Left should learn to take it easy on the center because not all of America is like New York City and L.A.  The Right should learn that I was correct for years: if they produce less bicker candidates in certain situations, they could get more of what they want done.  “You find sometimes…you get what you need.”

(Here’s the creepy sign part) So, I go over to you tube to hear the Stones tune and remember that it was on the soundtrack of the 1983 film The Big Chill—what a movie.  A useless fact is that Kevin Costner was the dead friend Alex in that movie but his flashback scenes were cut.  Can we flashback to the 90s when people could have a civil discussion on issues before voting no. In route to the cemetery, a friend says that her last talk with Alex was about him wasting his life—kind of like blogging.


I have a friend who could be deep in Georgia politics but is busy with a real professional and family life; I say help fix the nation for your children’s future.  For the years, we debated politics and policy in the cafeterias in the Congress and since then over the phone.  She is the reason I know that some people on the Right are actually well-intended but she could do more to improve their methods and techniques. (No reference here to “As Nasty As They Want To Be” by the Too Live Crew.)


In the Big Chill, JoBeth Williams’ character steps up to play the Stones tune on the organ at their friend’s funeral and her character’s name was Karen Bowens.  Oh my goodness, that name is a few letters off from my congressional friend Karen Bogans who should be back in the arena in some capacity.  It’s a sign I tell you. 


I created this seldom-read blog to share the Blue side of our debates and hope that she will share her views from the Right in summary or something.  This blog has a southern bridge on the front page to symbolize the bridge from our southern past to a brighter future. On the Big Chill part with the Stones song, the funeral procession goes over a bridge near Beaufort, South Carolina—thirty-nine miles from the Savannah, Georgia home of my old congressional staffing friend.  That’s deep. 


During the presidential election, I voted for change but fully realized that President Obama would need some people on the Right who would offer constructive criticism in the same manner they did during Clinton presidency and the way the Blue Dogs talked with both Presidents Bush.  During Clinton years, that opposition also helped chill the fiery elements on the far Left.  While I trend toward centrists, our community could use a little political diversity in the form of reasonable people like our Georgia Senators or we might wake up one day and find that the really radical elements of the Right are running things.


The Big Chill was all about old friends remembering what they planned and getting on the productive path.  Let’s bury some of this ugliness like they buried Kevin Costner and move forward.  


Big Chill Soundtrack–music clips


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