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Democratic Caucus Chair Rahm Emanuel

Democratic Caucus Chair Rahm Emanuel


It finally came to me that the Dem Team is much smarter than they use to be.  Don’t think that Hillary, Barrack and John Edwards did not lock the door at a Blue Dogs meeting and say “if you can’t be with us, we understand, just don’t be against us.” 


What a pretty move; like a well executed Hook and Lateral in football—a thing of beauty.  And the GOP defense got caught napping. It is hard going from “baller” status to functioning as the House and Senate minority.


The GOP ended up with John Cain, which was a blessing in disguise.  All they had to do was allow him to select Romney as a running mate and the Wall Street crisis would have sealed the deal for their team because Romney is a fixer (Salt Lake City Olympics) and a finance expert. 


But, they picked Palin (who is a bright star) to please the base but gave up on the middle. 


To the Marshall v. Goddard race in Georgia: the counter move to the Dem Pass for Marshall should have been pushing the notion that Marshall was not behind Obama to Obama supporters and that Marshall was not behind Hillary to her supporters. 


But, the RNC did Goddard a disservice by not being familiar with the mindset of all of the voters.  Georgia  Rep. Paul Broun beat Jim Whitehead by securing a few points from Black conservatives—can you believe Whitehead has a tire company with several Black managers.  I knew those guys would be appearing in an ad similar to the Obama infomercial from last night.  “Jim gave me a job after high school and I worked my way up to management….thanks for believing in me.”   Boom: 20% of the Black vote but it never happen.


I must admit that I did not follow the ball as a fan in the stands: the Dem Team cooked up this “ignore Obama and Hillary if you need” plan 22 months ago to protect the Dem control of the House. But the signs were there: the CBC would be eating Marshall up if he was really dissing Hillary and Obama. 

The whole thing must have been orchestrated by one mastermind: Congressman Rahm Emanuel.  As chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and then Democratic Caucus chair, this guy is the Vince Lombardi of politics.  He ushered his delegation mate into the White House and served up a friendly congress.  



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