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Bla, Bla, Bla, Miss California spoke her mind bla, bla, marriage should be bla, bla, other woman gets the crown bla, bla, I got robbed bla bla.  First of all, how many Miss. USA or Miss America winners can most people name?  When you are in the middle of drama, people will remember you; so actually you win in a certain way. i.e. Vanessa Williams. 

Williams set the stage for Barrack Obama when see won Miss. America and said, “I am not Miss. Black America but Miss. America who happens to be Black.”  Spike Lee and my friends at Black college were like “say what, slim.”  The pictures came out and we put our loving Black arms around her because that’s how we do it in the community.  But, I always thought giving up the crown to Miss. Suzette Charles was wrong because real people in the country make mistakes, get themselves up, dust themselves off and start right over again.

Williams mistake was not breaking the story immediately after the pageant before it broke on her.  (I am not going to get into how her boyfriend, who doesn’t look like us,  put her in the wind and said she embarrassed his family.)

But if she came to me (a budding spin doctor in the dorm) I would have hooked up a classic press conference statement for her:

“I am so honored to be Miss. America because America is about hope, opportunity and resolve.  I exemplify these values because my life is not a perfect one.  While young and gullible, I took pictures which were against my better judgment.  Of course, my first inclination was to limit my dreams and aspirations—my history being tarnished.  But then it occurred to me that if we let a few youthful mistakes end our lives, we permanently banish most Americans to limited dreams.  I stand before you as the epitome of America; a Miss. America who got this crown over self-flicked obstacles and serve as an example for the world.”

Like Williams, Obama knew he had to run to be president of all of America—not just Black America or the part of America that would vote for him.  He also knew that he should air the dirty laundry before the gotcha crew did it first.  Obama did that so pretty that he won support for being a real dude with a past rather than a pampered prince of entitlement like certain other members of the Black elite—you know who you are. 

Of course, Prejean’s dilemma includes the contradictory aspects of being strong in her faith but taking those pictures.  Hey, pot, kettle, black—I had better leave that alone because I liked Vanesssa Williams before her fall but really liked her after she rose from the ashes.  I watch Ugly Betty every Thursday and if I had her fortitude, I would be a congressman and taking Vanessa to Black Tie affair with Obama last weekend—the three of us chilling on top… scars and all. 

We should not worry about Prejean because Fox News, TBN or Ugly Betty will make her crazy rich.

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