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Oprah got robbed at the Oscars back in the day and Margaret Avery, the woman who played Shug Avery, got robbed also.  The rapper Jadakiss rapped about why Hallie Berry had to let (look it up) to win an Oscar and why Denzel had to be crooked before he took it.  While Monique earned her award for Precious, I am afraid she did such a fine job that I can’t see the movie.  Rough movie situations get to me and I just getting over watching Jennifer Hudson get beat down in the Secret Life of Bees.

Marisa Tomei won an Oscar for My Cousin Vinny and that is cool because she started her acting career at the fictitious black college on TV’s A Different World but the role was a little thin.  The political candidate message from this blog post is “get while the getting is good” because timing is every thing—ask President Obama.  If you want to run for congress or run from congress, gut feelings should be your guide.  If you have a shot like Monique and Oprah, take it because the opportunity might never come again.   You can’t run for congress in rural Georgia if you can quote the Bible and the Color Purple. 

Oprah got robbed but things turned out fine for her anyway.  Margaret Avery is a classic example of real beauty and have you seen how well she is aging. 

“You told Harpo to beat me.”

“Sat in that jail…sat in that jail ‘til I near ‘bout done rot to death.”

“I knowed there is a God.”



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