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UGA Arch

UGA Arch

We read so many negative things about our youth in the newspapers these days. Below is a positive story about triplets from the Savannah, Georgia area heading to the University of Georgia…top three in their class…. public school products…. single parent household with working mom.

When I read “top three in their class,” I made a face normally reserved for a rim-rattling dunk or the perfect execution of the hook and lateral football play.  While the sisters might have achieved in sports also, this story is about family, 4-H and good old fashion hard work.  My friends and I are puzzled when someone says their child is practicing basketball 5 hours a day to hopefully make the N.B.A.  While sports are good “anti-drugs,” Junior could be leaning on the UGA Arch with the triplets if he put that much attention to his books. The business and professional connections made at a major university can be more beneficial than a few years in professional sports.  

Since all three Morgan sisters plan to purse pharmacy degrees at UGA, I have a headline for you:   

Georgia Sisters Plan Careers as Drug Dealers

I never thought I would see that and be pleased and proud.   


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