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Today, Michael Steele was solid on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.  He honestly outlined how their party got off track from their core Reagan era principles and what they would need to do to get their swagger back—which does not including becoming imitation Democrats at all.


The good news is he has a plan but the bad news is many member of his party are not having it.  To them, conservative is not about being conservative in the role of government and spending.  To many conservatives, the effort is to go back to the future and as the Feetwood Mac song said, “Yesterday is gone….Yesterday is gone.”


The last few months were rough on my personal friends who are Republicans because they realized that the inside the Beltway dealers in their party were at times more interested in hooking up corporate America than executing an agenda that best serves the average American.


As a moderate, I am somewhat uncomfortable with the billions, trillions and zillions being tossed around in D.C. to assist in the recovery.  Reasonable Republicans can get behind Steele and use this concerns to pull the White House toward the center and make mid-term gains for their effort.  But, waiting for the White House’s policies to fail just to make political gain would be irresponsible and un-American.


I am starting to hear that General David Petraeus might be the next GOP Eisenhower because the 2012 GOP bench looks thin.  Interesting.


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