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The PBS documentary “Slavery By Another Name” will seen chills through in freedom-loving person.  While slavery in America technically ended shortly after the Civil War, southerners know bondage continued in one form or another until the 1960s. 

This documentary tells the story of Blacks and some Whites who were put in jail or prison for nonsensical reasons and later had their services sold to private parties by the local or state government.  As we have said over and over on this blog, you can’t really trust or depend on the government.

The financial chains of sharecropping didn’t end until the 1970s; it’s called the Dirty South for a reason.  During Black History Month, young people should watch these hard to view stories and learn that they have it so much better.  But as they say, you study history because it has a way of repeating itself.  Debt, addiction and blatant ignorance are the modern chains and these restrictions are often self-inflicted.  Some wondered if we run the risk of moving forward at a slower rate while I content that we actually could go backwards.  Freedom should be precious.     

Slavery By Another Name: Full program  http://video.pbs.org/video/2176766758


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