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U.S. Passport: Six Months Rule

International travelers should know what I just learned the hard way.  If your passport will expire in less than six months, many countries will not let you visit—get a new passport.  I was heading on a trip to visit Jerusalem and the Egyptian pyramids but noticed this rule to late.

The local congressman’s staff was really helpful (good looking out) but the window of time was too small and as we all know, your documents better be just right in that serious region of the world.  I should have jumped in the vehicle and drove to New Orleans for the same day service from Secretary Clinton’s crew.

I could photoshop my picture into pictures next to the Sphinx and the holy sites, but that would be a goon move.


Thanks the fine work of the congressional staff I have my passport and hopeful will be flying to Israel tomorrow.  

Last Update: Did not make the trip but look forward to checking out that region in the future.

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