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We are at a seriously crossroads in America and heaven only knows what’s next. From the economy to the national debt to our schools to senseless crime, President Obama’s hair is going to be completely gray by next summer.  The situation in Afghanistan/Pakistan has me baffled because the ultimate goal is keeping nuclear and atomic weapons out of the hands of rogues.  One million dollars per year per service member is pricey but if left unchecked a few angry radicals could do the unthinkable.

At Black college in the 80s, we would listen to Sting’s “The Russians” in the dorm and hope the Russians loved their children too but these new cats actually look forward to better lives on the other side.   “How can I save my little boy from Oppenheimer’s deadly toy.”  Those toys in the wrong hands are nothing with which to play. 

I have friends who say that before September 11 they could not imagine their children not being safe at home on American soil.  Really?  Of course, those friends don’t look like me because we grew up on constant Klan watch—not to mention confederates with badges .  In a strange twist, we are not safe in the community today for thuggish reasons.  It is a sad state of affairs when young men from here are safer in the military overseas than in the neighborhood. 

This post seems gloomy but the sun isn’t shining today.  Okay, it’s shining somewhere other than normally sunny south Georgia.  Some say these conditions are baby-making weather; let’s hope “some” have some jobs and some money because expanding or starting a family during these dark economic days is scarier than the Taliban.

On the bright side, thank heaven for making me an American.  The poor here lives better than the average person around the developing world.  And what are they developing?  Oppenheimer’s toy and resentment.  


Sting–The Russians

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