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Professional hockey player Jarome Iginla’s father is from Nigeria.  While hockey is not my thing, I usually support Iginla until he plays for the Canadian National Team against the USA.  Iginla’s assist to Crosby sealed the Olympic gold medal for our neighbors to the north and I threw down my hat. 

From Robert E. Lee’s commitment to Virginia to Black American sports fans support of Iginla, we live in a world where the constant question is “Who you with” and the answer at times is surprising.  Since 1865, many southerners have waited for the Confederacy to rise again; sentiments that seem as un-American as the ugliness that grows in the Middle East.  The same people who continue to detest the northerners involved in the post-Civil War reconstruction are often the people who listen to national rhetoric that pits Georgian against Georgian today. 

Like the lyrics to a gospel song or old blues tune, some people are sick and tired of constant fighting and bickering while others view such actions as second nature.  The real competition is regions of this state and nation competing for scare economic development and jobs.  New industries are reluctant to local or expand in places where hostile and division rule—simply locate in areas where people resolve difference in civil and professional ways.  The fussing makes natives of certain areas flock away and leaves these areas full of those least prepared or inclined to improve conditions—Ray Ray ‘Nem.   

An interesting discussion can grow from the balance between disagreement with elected officials and actions that seem almost treasonous.  Of course, people often want to have governmental actions reflect the teachings and mandates of their faith but the Bible’s Romans 13:1 comes into the debate.  At my church, this passage was interpreted to mean respect the laws that the government made because God made the government.  Of course, some southerners have violently ignored the state and federal government in our troubled past. 

America grew from so many different and varied roots that people have had to be patience as we sorted out policies and laws.  At times, the Constitution seems like a blueprint for a more perfect nation and we are the builders.  Black southerners fought for freedom for southeast Asia when their mothers could not use a public bathroom or drink from a water fountain.  But, the same people would be hard pressed to name another part of the world where they would prefer living or a region in America better that the South.  Atlanta’s population exploded for a reason.  In the World Cup Soccer tournament, Team USA often plays African teams made up of people who look just like me.  And “who am I with?”  Don’t even play like that.

If a political candidate from my party can’t win, I am going to support the best candidate from the other side in the best interest of Georgia or the candidate with a history of bridge building.  Of course, there are those who rubber-stamp our or their team no matter way. 

Romans 13:1

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.



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With a nod to the ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Don’t Be Tardy For the Party” should apply to some folks in the political arena also.  First, Kim should understand that the song is as much her tune as the GOP is Michael Steele’s operation.  Kandi is the wizard behind the curtain who made that track hot and Nene came up with the idea.  Steele is a smart man but heads a party with a different mindset and demeanor than his.  To continue the analogy, Rush Limbaugh is Kandi and Glenn Beck is Nene.  

Steele, who I really wanted in the Senate, heads a party that is not remotely interested in the blueprint he outlined while running for chair.  Diversity and reaching out has given way to the “spirit” of the protest movement; moderates and centrists shouldn’t be comfortable in the new-look GOP.  Georgia is one of the best states in the nation for African Americans and Steele’s party should find a Black congressional candidate down here.  The brother is tardy for the party because he knows that what is being played is something he doesn’t want to hear—it’s back to the future with a rehashed southern strategy.  This tune sounds very familiar.  

President Obama should slow down because his plate is too full; he can’t be everywhere for everyone.  Going to Europe to support Chicago’s bid for the Olympics was too much with everything else that is popping.  I agree with Michael Steele on this one; the Chi-town crew should have given the first homie a pass on this one.   In Georgia, we had an Olympics and it is a party that is a lot of work; and things can turn tragic if the wrong people show up.  (I better leave that alone before talk turns to domestic terrorists who are fueled by reckless hate speak—“just words.”) 

The Blue Dog Democrats must be with the party on healthcare reform.  Of course, my mother used to say the only thing I must do is “stay Black and die” when I said I must be at a party or the skating rink.  Georgia Rep. Jim Marshall skipped the Democratic National Convention and likely didn’t vote for Obama/Biden—the ultimate tardy for the party but voting no on the healthcare reform would be the final indication that his district really is a red one and not blue.  I am not going to slam the guy for voting the will of his constituents but I question the supporters of the public option who allow Democrat money to flow into his war chest.   My Blue Dog congressman in southwest Georgia took heat this summer for standing strong at townhall meetings regarding his views on healthcare reform–I respect that. 

But, Georgia Democrats who will vote against healthcare reform should anticipate the erosion of their Black bases—remember, that base gives you more votes that the vocal protesters.  If you tell me you are having a party, not only am I not tardy but I will ask if you need me to bring anything, come early to prep the grill or stay late to cleanup.  I was the party police in college and would watch an inconsiderate person put down a half full can of beer or soda, go to the bathroom and then go get a new can.  First, my daddy always said never leave a drink at a party for safety reasons.  Secondly, partygoers should not waste beverages.  We called those half-finished drinks “wounded soldiers” because you never leave wounded soldiers behind. 

If we can help all those people in foreign nations, we can figure out away to provide healthcare for most Americans—America first.  With secondary regard for political parties, anyone who doesn’t want to productively participate in the healthcare debate should not only be tardy for the party; they should RSVP so they can be removed from the list. 

The tea partiers can have their own gathering then crash your party.  But will they help clean up any mess created?  The new look GOP have their own issues with the tea partiers—are these guys energetic invited guests or crashers who improved the party.  Would they leave if you asked or start a ruckus?  Would they take your friends with them to a new party?  Back in college, a fight broke out between a fraternity and the football team but what should the guy do who is a football player and a frat member?  “Hey, Blue Dog, are you conservative or Democrat?” “Protester, are you Republican or tea partier?”  Can’t they be both?

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