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I have been watching NBC’s show “The New Normal” to support Georgia homegirl NeNe Leakes.  They recently had an episode titled “Obama Mama” that covered the major political issues well.  Hell, the show’s character debated President Obama’s positions better than Obama during the Denver debate.

1418571  Democrats vs. Republicans Clip

From All in the Family to Modern Family to the New Normal, T.V. can shape or soften opinions.  Dennis Haysbert, the guy from the insurance ads, contents that his role as president on Fox’s “24” prepped the nation for Obama.  I don’t know about that but he was presidential. We need to see some fire from POTUS Obama during the future debates because too much is on the table to be cool.   

Americans  in real life should able to have a health, civic discussion of the issues with coming to blows.

Full Episode: Obama Mama   



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