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Senator Ted Kennedy is gone but two things immediately come to mind.  In public policy, you can respectfully negotiate without capitulating.  Second, young people should notice that Kennedy did so much in life after youth drama and partying.  This is America, the land of opportunity.  Those opportunities include moving forward from self-inflicted adversity and I for one think that Presidents Obama, George W. Bush, and Clinton would never have enter the oval office if those who want pure and unblemished public servants had their way. 

Actually, I like politicians who are a little nicked up –like real folks– and persevering, photogenic Vanessa Williams is my favorite former Miss. America.  During the 1994-midterm elections, a wave of conservatism swept the nation and Democrats were moving toward the center or switching to the GOP to save their careers.  Speaker of the House Tom Foley became the first sitting speaker to not win reelection since 1862 but Senator Kennedy stood by his liberal beliefs and beat a young Mitt Romney 58% to 41%. 

Kennedy’s campaign staffers adopted the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song “I Won’t Back Down” as an unofficial theme.  Think what you want about conservatives but they function with that same mentality and think President Obama will have Senator Kennedy in mind as his White House “gets done” what they were put there to do.



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