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Sunrise: Grand Tetons

Sunrise: Grand Tetons

Ken Burns has done a fine job with his PBS series on the National Parks.  From the Civil War to Baseball to Jazz, he has earned my respect with his ability to chronicle America’s history.  Okay, he gets a little long sometimes but it is good stuff and it makes you choke up about OUR great nation.  The Grand Tetons and Arcadia National Park are now on my must see list because beauty and majesty like that humbles me with a quickness—God does fine work.

During the segment on the Grand Canyon the other night, they kept saying that the rocks at the bottom of the canyon were 1.8 Billon years old.  So how can Christian archeologists balance these days with the Bible?  I am just saying.

My favorite Burns film fact was during the Civil War documentary when the historians pointed out that many Northerners wanted an end to the expansion of slavery as territories became states—not necessarily an end to slavery overall.  Their opposition to slavery was based on Whites in the North and West wanting to earn wages for jobs that slaves did for free.  That’s deep.  People think the attack on September 11 were the bloodiest day in American history but September 17, 1862, holds that disturbing record.  The Battle of Antietam resulted in 23,000 American causalities—yes, both sides were American.  In Burns films, they talk about that battle and Gettysburg with that slow fiddle music—have mercy.    

The National Parks are treasures for all Americans and I am so glad that great people stop greedy businessmen from exploiting these jewels for money.  Those fools wanted to cut down old-grown trees that were saplings when Jesus was born. 

Support Ken Burns and the National Parks rather than defending Roman Polanski.  

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park



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